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Studying grammar is more important than practising conversation skills.

Nowadays, students prefer to pay attention learning speaking skills than writing.

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Grammar is important than the communication skills because it is the language that makes it possible for us to talk about language. by Grammar you are write names the different of words, and you make sentences, so you can use your grammar skills when you are want communicate, if you Know grammar, your speech will be very obvious, and you will follow by the structure. We all know how to build a sentence, but we do not know how to build a beauty sentence so for this we need to learn by grammar. And knowing about grammar offers a window into the human mind and into our amazingly complex mental capacity.

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while someone practice grammar become more friendly & he make the maximum output of it. But on conversation he/she may do face some current situation and that time also he/she may not perform perfectly as required.

Grammar skilled guy can go anywhere means any type communication - oral or written , face to face or behind, man to man or in a group, personal or corporate wherever it is the grammar skilled guy can face smoothly. But without it just face once or perform poorly.

Supporting Evidence: Daily news Bangladesh (
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Grammar should be studied more than the conversation skills. Im not saying that it is more important, but we should focus more on it. Because, with good grammar skills, comes good conversation skills. I dont think you'd be able to communicate with other people very much if you have no idea of the language that you are talking in. For example, you dont have any background in the English language, then how would you even know how to speak with it?

Oh another thing.. I really dont know where to post my argument, so I chose this side.

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You have to know the structures and rules of the sentence first. If you know the structure of the sentences, you can speak fluently and nicer.

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In my point of view, it is more important to be good at speaking than writing, because the ability to speakskillfully provides the speaker with several good advantages such as: ability to inform, persuade and direct, ability to have a confidence in unknown society, and also to have a good relatiopns with others. Nowadays to speak well is essential for social communication. There is a typical example of me, I am really good at grammar, because at school i had a perfect teacher, who always taught us english grammars, however i never had a practice of speking. I was poor at speaking, i couldn't explain my thoughts, opinions. But now i study at the university, where all subjects, lessons are in English. And i had foundation courses, where i improved my speaking skills by doing presentations, discussions and performances. So, i can say that grammar is important, but speaking is more significant than writing. In addition, to speak well is the key to beating in the competition, especially for getting a job, because while being an interview you will have a huge confidence in yourself, and confidence is the best key of everything))).

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And also, i want to add the information that conversation skills are important! "Conversation skills are important to any kinds of career because it is the base means with which you express yourself to other people, specifically your colleagues, your boss and other people you will deal with in the career you have chosen for yourself. Many a competent graduate has missed out on opportunities for a rewarding career because he or she lacked the ample amount of conversation skills needed to be able to sustain the communication dynamics that come with every sort of promotion in work. " i agree with this argument

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If you are a person with good conversation skills, you also naturally inspire others to do the same thing even without trying. Having good conversation skills is like shining a flashlight on what is otherwise considered as a typical work routine day.

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just like 4 building a castel u nid a gud foundation live vise grammar is a foundation to buil n improve our communication

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Grammar is skeleton of the body

it gives shape to our communication skills

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