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Challenge Debate: Studying grammar is more important than practising conversation skills.

Grammar is the base of language. One can polish the conversation skill at later stage of life also. But without base like any building, language learning will also be incomplete.



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Conversation skills

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We dont need practice in grammer, once we know how to use grammer words, we dont need practice it every day, as i dont need it..i use english when it is need, and it is complimentary from my seniors.

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do you know ? experience is the best policy .suppose that you have a lots of knowledge but if you are not practicing it then one day you will forgot on the contrary if you are practicing per day i think you will never forget it hence i want to tell you practice conversation skills are more important than study grammar.

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rihaana(84) Clarified
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i dont think conversation skill is more important than grammer, because..conversation skill just messed up english todays world no one is speaking english grammitacally, every they just use short form, if no grammer, no proper english, conversation is best when it is with grammer dear.

| Side: Grammer
rihaana(84) Clarified
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and also, if we have lots of knowledge ,their is no need to practice, its about your sharp memory how much you can remember , and as you said experience id best policy , my experience says that we dont need practice , if we have knowledge and we are confident on what we have learned that wil forget or never fade from your mind..i dont do maths practice, but today also if somebody give to solve ..i solve it with in a minute...thats what i have knowledge which i dont need confidence is my practice and my experience is my mind.

| Side: Grammer

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