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Sv3rige is more correct than Mingiwuwu

1) Mingiwuwu has superstitious beliefs which he cannot prove about eating raw meat such as "it will lower your IQ". In reality, Sv3rige has a point about cooking food creating carcinogens and destroying nutrients and bacteria. He also has a point about the unnatural and retarded modern diet containing way too much sugar and anti-nutrients etc. The truth is raw meat is not inherently dangerous to eat, it can be, but it can also be the healthier option with certain animal products that you know are from a good clean source. When you learn that most if not all the plant foods in the grocery store really are man-made and required thousands of years of selective breeding to become edible, but still contain anti-nutrients and goitrogens etc. you will see that humans are much more carnivorous than people think.

2) Mingiwuwu jumps to way too many conclusions. Gatis does not seem to be superstitious, but Mingiwuwu believes not only in God but believes in a female God who happens to be sexually attracted to him. This is clearly mental illness, along with color-coding everything and believing he personally knows the nature of every alien race. Gatis believes we are in a flat earth simulation, but he does not invent imaginary friends. A flat earth makes sense in a simulated reality.

3) Mingiwuwu is a pussy. Gatis is very aware of what is a social construct and what is not, and prefers nature over man-made rules and constructs. Mingiwuwu believes strongly in the rule of law and in the necessity of man made rules and authority. Also Gatis' view of the "elites" is more accurate, as Mingiwuwu seems to think of them as friendly blokes. I would much sooner believe that they are drinking human blood and raping babies.

4) Mingiwuwu believes that to ascend, you must gain favor with the Gods and climb a chi-tree on a black island or something. Gatis' believes that to ascend, you must eating a raw meat so that the higher frequency of life-energy rises and your consciousness can vibrate in sync with a higher realm. Both of you are retarded, but Gatis is less retarded. Your belief is based on purely faith whereas his is based on at least some semblance of reality. Raw meat has a stronger electromagnetic "aura" than plant foods or cooked meat.

5) Gatis has a hot girlfriend, and she eats raw veal livers with him during livestreams.


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Sv3rige is more correct than Mingiwuwu

It is a real struggle to think of anybody who is correct less frequently than Mingiwuwu. Bronto perhaps, but then he isn't even trying to be correct. He's just telling lies. Mingiwuwu seems to actually be unwell enough to think his dopey rants have some kind of intellectual merit.

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There are many points here, including the fifth one, that are totally irrelevant to the correctness of Sv3rige over me and instead are about him being a superior being to me.

There are many other points that are directly false or 20% true misrepresentations of him vs me. I will happily go into them one by one if you want to.

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God-(96) Clarified
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Let's get into the raw meat Mingi, what don't you agree with?

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Mingiwuwu(1832) Clarified
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I agree with many things, this is something to understand about me as a person and something so many people get wrong about me.

I am not a genius because I deny things that are 'obvious to many', I am a genius because I accept everything as true that can be true unless there's evidence against it. I am a believer in inverted burden of proof and through this I have discovered secrets that saved me at times (from dangerous situations with bullies who could have framed me with drugs but I won't go into that) to how I play poker and evolved a playstyle that no one can 'defeat' but some can play around and that's fine because I make playing around me slowly 'bleed' you if I'm in a tournament. Anyway, that aside, let's get to raw meat and what I agree with and why.

I agree that the Earth can be flat and that potentially 'raw vegans' are only correct about the raw part, which is what Gatis believes. All I hear from him is every single stereotype you'd imagine a raw meat addict having; high aggression and caveman like drooling 'hurr durr' mentality. He literally seems like a lion or hyena in how he approaches life and I'd genuinely equate his IQ to those creatures. IQ is nutrition based while being a 'genius' in the other 3 categories of intelligence relies on a combination of DNA and culture. You can't 'outlearn' bad nutrition to gain higher IQ.

What Gatis seems to be to me is a potentially productive and intelligent person who has destroyed every shred of attention span and IQ to anything beyond carnivorous animalistic levels due to a diet that indeed reflects just that. He's no exception, other than what an extreme case he is in beliefs. I have seen in others what happens when they are on a heavy meat diet, this is also why if you took almost all meat eaters on Earth and took out of them the group that truly hate vegans and think meat is important and that vegetarians are scumbags who deny human nature, you'll find that they are right-wing and aggressive people who think in terms of 'me smash you, me get your property and that is fair.'

Find me one exception to this and I'll change my mind.

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