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 Talk about FAKE NEWS.. Bwa, ha ha ha ha (5)

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Talk about FAKE NEWS.. Bwa, ha ha ha ha


A woman FALSELY claimed to The Washington Post that Roy Moore, impregnated her as a teenager and forced her to get an abortion.. 

In fact, she works for Project Veritas, a James O'Keefe organization that uses deceptive tactics to secretly record conversations in an effort to embarrass its targets. 

But, THIS time the FAKE news got exposed..

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James O'Keefe is practically an artificial human - there is no humanity to him. He's recorded as saying that the news is what you make it. Project Veritas should be named Project Fiction, if there was any truth in names.

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Just like the famed "Pimp 'n pro" fake conservative smear at A.C.O.R.N., a group that did GOOD for needy people! They ALWAYS try to use our stands against abuse OR for the poor against us! Another occurrence where the "right" is totally WRONG! (And despicable!) ;-(

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Suddenly you aren't interested in gropings or sexual assaults eh Al? You can drop the fake liberal drama party any time. So go ahead.

AlofRI(1861) Clarified
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Something is wrong with your interpretation skills, nothing you said has any relevance to my interests. I've never been interested in gropings and sexual assaults that weren't "authorized". ;-) BUT when conservatives (THEE basket of deplorables), made a President out of a professional groper, my interest was peaked! NOW, they want to pollute the Senate also! They prattle on about "fake liberal drama" to push the attention away from THEIR deplorable tactics. So go ahead.