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Technologically forward yet ethically back ward is not just an indian problem any more


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I don't think what you describe has ever been exclusively an Indian problem. It applies to society generally, and not so much ethically backward as ethically stagnant. Innovations to our social systems have simply not kept pace with the revolution of technology, and I believe that is because humanity has not yet solved the problem of power. People who seek power acquire it with much greater frequency than those who do not, and those who seek power in the first place do so in order to have superiority over others, since that is the very definition of power.

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Since you didn't capitalize "indian" You must be talking about American Indians as a group. I've never seen where the American Indian is either technologically forward OR ethically backward. You may not believe in some of their "ethics", but, Indians have a right to their culture. I haven't seen any ethically backward behavior in public and if you are "peeking" into their privacy, shame on you.

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