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Televised sports is entertainment for dumb people.


 I find it possible to fathom how one may derive some sort of base pleasure from the physical challenge of playing sports, however slight.  What perplexes me is how one finds entertainment in being a *spectator* of *televised* sports. I percieve that minimal opportunity for intellectual edification is provided by such a plebian pastime.  I find viewing rugged brutes struggling for the possession of an inflated object to lack a sufficient amount of cerebral stimulus to qualify as entertainment. Therefore, I deem the spectators of televised sports to be inferior men...who could just as easily find merriment wallowing in mud as does the common swine.


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I never understood why you would want to watch people who play a game better than you do. Also the amount of money spent on sports is ridiculous. Football players get paid much more than doctors or nurses, which is unfair as watching someone being operated has to be more interesting than sports.

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Am I not an enigmatic man? Do I not rest confidently on the loftiest of plateaus? Do I not sufficiently shame you vulgar hordes for your unfortunate status as lesser beings? I shall issue a decree throughout the land. From this day forth, televised sports shall be prohibited. Entertainment may be found by turning off the television and reading my brilliant 19th century prose. I must retire at present, for I must awaken in the wee hours to saddle my steed for a fox hunt.

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Sigh... downvote.

...wait a second...

Hahaha. Well done, sir.

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can the televised sports be entertainment for dumb people? My personal argument is yes. You can see onto those policemen eating their doughnuts sitting beside the TV and getting their bulkiness increased day by day. Or the reason could simply be that you don't enjoy those passionate live experience sitting in the stadium and howling to support you team which is much more intriguing and much more fun............

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Well, if that's what makes the people who don't like sports feel better. . .

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Haha agreed.

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

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Ahh sports. Never has such fantastical feudalism been conveyed so freely and without condemnation ouside of nationalism and egotism. Needless to say, I could go without the archaic practice of endowment comparison, but it is not my belief that the drive to engage in the likes thereof implicates 'dumbness'. Intelligence is a utility; anyone can have it, but few give it use.

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televised sports are fine. they are a traditional way for families to spend time together, for friends to gather and share a cold one while watching their favorite teams. true some people do not like to watch sports on TV, I am not the bigest fan myself, but i still enjoy watching a good football game with some good friends.

that does not make me dumb, it is just a form of entertainment.

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hectorrojas(2) Clarified
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Yes and No: It all depends if you glorify the sport or the team you are supporting and make it like a mission in life for it to win no matter what.

Sports are a way of entertainment, I do like baseball but just as a sport not as a religion.

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