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Television Should Not Censor Explicit Language and/or Content

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I think I'm in the correct category. It's really going to depend on the show, the station and the time in which the show is aired. But for the most part, during peak hours where children watch tv, I ok with it being censored.

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If you support free speech to this extreme then you are a hypocrite because you don't support the freedom of a TV channel to censor.


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It depends on the particular station, how it is accessed, and at what viewing time. ABC at 3:00PM likely has a general public audience of all ages and therefore restrictions on language and content should apply. But an XXX channel available only to premium subscribers and showing a porno at 2:00AM should not be censored.

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Yes, it's good that television is self-censored. It may be a little strict for any given time, but it adjusts as society does. I do have a bit of a different take than a lot do - I'd prefer violence more censored than nudity. We all have bodies, it's become a matter of shaming that nudity has to be censored.

My biggest issues is when some try and censor from outside - see Donald Wildmon, etc. The ultimate censorship should always be the off button.

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