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Television and Cinema have far too much Sex and Violence and should be Censored !


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I agree that there is too much of a sex culture in our socity but violence has been here for just as long. I agree with the sex part but not the violence.

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copycat042(159) Disputed
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Television and Cinema have far too much Sex and Violence


and should be Censored


People have the right and ability not to consume that media which they find offensive. Because one person finds a thing troublesome, is no right to prevent another from accessing that thing. Both media and weapons (firearms) fall under this principle. If you don't like one of these, don't get it. Don't try to prevent others from getting it.

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Oiden(394) Clarified
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I agree with your point, just it should be harder for people my age to get to it. Kids in 7th grade see and hear about sex on Tv and in movies alot morethat it use to be.

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TheBogle88(115) Disputed
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I agree with the sex part but not the violence. Spoken like a true American. So, Honey Boo-Boo and Toddlers & Tiaras... that's alright; that's fine. But, with so many gun deaths in America, violence isn't a problem.

Either way, censoring broadcasts is nothing new. I don't think the Government should have too much say in what people can broadcast, but I recognize the need. Parents can't police their children all the time, thus necessitating federal censoring.

That being said, I think we could relax the censorship of sexually graphic material and tighten the restrictions on depictions of violence.

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Oiden(394) Disputed
2 points

sigh, another debate switches to guns. Even in 7th grade my sister is hearing people talking about sex, i am a sophmore and i am hearing it 24/7. Our culture is becomeing based on makeing kids and haveing 'fun' with sex.

Violence on TV has been here for a long time. It has juset become less sensored, it is easier to get to ssee it.

If government had a say in what we could watch do you know the propoganda that would indoctronate our people?

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copycat042(159) Disputed
1 point

>Implying that gun and 2nd amendment advocates also advocate the initiation of violence with guns.

Parents can't police their children all the time,

Why not? It is called parenting. You allow what you feel is appropriate, and explain to them why what is inappropriate, is inappropriate and unacceptable. It is not the responsibility of the government to raise children. To allow government to raise your children, if you are unwilling, is laziness.

If you want less risky or unacceptable behavior, show and allow people to suffer the consequences of risky or unacceptable behavior.

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This is a debate on FAR TOO MUCH sex and violence and not only sex and violence itself !

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Also, 84 % of TV programs show sex and only 17 % with a SafeSex message ! Moreover, violence can have reactions on kids like aggression and fear !!!

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Cartman(7442) Disputed
1 point

84 % of TV programs show sex

Source please, this number is ridiculously inflated.

Moreover, violence can have reactions on kids like aggression and fear !!!

Anything can have reactions in kids. There is no link between violence on TV and a dangerous reaction in children.

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Well, what ticks me off is when you're watching a show that's rated pg, and then the commercials come on, and there are sex scenes and all kinds of foul content. I believe that the commercials should be what is censored. The commercials must be no more "adult" than the actual show.

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Why is sex taboo in the first place? Safe sex between responsible partners is harmless and fun. And also y'know. Hot. I guess they do glorify it a little too much in the movies, but hey, they glorify everything the movies.

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Are you saying sex is a bad thing?

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What do movies with sex and violence do to people that would necessitate censorship? Sex and violence are parts of nature. Cinema and television can better capture human ideas and struggles when when the program is more realistic and relatable, so using sex and violence just illustrates the message and/or story more efficiently. Also, to avoid negative influences from anything you must educate people on the topic so they understand it and know when it is and is not appropriate.

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Censoring television and cinematic productions is not addressing the real issue, namely that violence has a large consumer market.

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Ignore...I just realized I posted in a necroed debate.

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