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Television is the leading cause of violence in today's society.

The idea has spread quickly. Every one agrees that television negatives and positives, but many people thinks that the cause of violence between our children today is the TV . What do you think ? Is the television leads to violence ?


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it's absolutely right. Television is one of the most important sources of violence in society especially when we look at children. they tend to imitate adults whether in real situations or on tv. they actually see violence in every kind of program, from children's programs to the news bulletin through movies and even talk shows. Everything they watch is immersed in violence, which makes them internalise agression and turn it into violent behaviour whenever the opportunity allows it.

violence on TV and its effect on children

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Yes I actually think it is the most important source of vioence. Because is available in every house and programmes always chnge just to keep a breast with the fast miving world. Nowadays the cartoons which enerest children ,are way far different frim before. They live action and everything that moves their feelings. As they grow older and older they meet eople as their age ,who dhare the same interests and that would lead to catastrophic disasters !!!

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Of course, in our current animation began to spread wrongly where violence and fighting and I think that parents should choose the right cartoons for their children so thay can avoid this problem.

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Yes, it is true, because in most of unwanted and political issues are being shown on first cum first basis and this is creating disturbance in people’s minds and mindsets. Also Children copy everything what is happening on the screen, not caring whether it is good or bad

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In my opinion television is one of the most distraction element which affect children's behavior, and lead then to be violence.

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zaila(2) Disputed
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how come? its not right to just say that tv can lead to that..whats ur evidence?

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YES BUT WE CANNOT BLAME THE TELEVISION ONLY . Violence may be raised by the problems in ones family. There are positive points of television also as their are many such channels which gives us many information and knowledge .It is the responsibility of the parents to avoid such type of problems or channels .

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No not the leading cause it may contribute a little but it's the person's choice whether or not they should do what's shown on tv you can't blame the tv show for someone's actions.

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thouraya ch(69) Disputed
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We may talk about choice when we're only dealing with adults, what about children? They are unable to make choices about what to do and hat not to do, they are still learning how to make choices and if they tend to imitate what they see on tv, it's just a subconscious thing for which they can not yet be held responsible.

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Vermink(1919) Disputed
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What age children are we on about? If your talking about Teenage kids I disagree if your on a bout 10 and below then I do agree. The other problem with this argument is that you make it seem like all children make the wrong choices and all adults make the right, when really we all make mistakes by making the wrong choice no matter what your age is.

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ThePatriot(22) Disputed
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Do you have evidence that there is a link to violence on tv and violence in society? If I recall, all scientific studies on the concept suggest there is no correlation to violent behavior and watching violent tv as a child.

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If television causes violence then what about the kids that live in bad homes or live in bad neighbor hoods. If you teach your kid the difference between right and wrong then they will not have violent out breaks. If the parent neglects teaching morals then you could have a murderer on your hands.

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I believe arguments can be made for tv being a big part of violence in todays society, but I don't really know if it is the leading cause.

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No at all.

Television is entertainment. And it's not the same with video games where people can argue that video games might make dumb kids think it's ok to kill people. Most TV shows that have violence show what a bad thing it is, like the guilt and pain that can come from crime. Television has less connection to violence than paintball does to writer's block.

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No not at all I've heard this for years in the old days they said the same about westerns on tv would make kids violent, kids learn quickly that what they see on tv is exactly what it is entertainment and I find it interesting if this was the case surely society would be more violent when in fact it's less violent than the past...There is a growing consensus among scholars that rates of violence in Western countries are steadily declining, and have been doing so for centuries.

If tv was effecting behaviour surely it would be showing in society.

The statistic used by most people who support this view is homicide rates. They have dropped dramatically from 100 for every 100,000 people in the 13th century, to ten in 100,000 by the middle of the 17th century (although it was that high in the United States only a few years ago) to rates of around one in 100,000 people in most Western countries if anything society is getting less violent .

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While it may be a contributing factor to some violence, It can't really be called a cause of any of it.

It should be noted that while there is more violent crime, etc. in the media these days, the actual rate of violent crime is generally lower than it has been in most of history. I expect it's just a case of violent crime being more visible today than it was previously due to communications tech, and a general tendency of people to make everything a big deal (which isn't to say that violent crime isn't a big deal...). I mean, we can see it ourselves; bullying and suicide have always happened, but it's only recently that this kind of thing makes national news.

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