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 That hacked DNC server that the Dems never handed over to the FBI (1)

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That hacked DNC server that the Dems never handed over to the FBI

Ya know. That "hacked" DNC server that was never turned over to the FBI that started the entire "Russia hacked the election" narrative.

As to who hacked the Democrat National Committee server, it was Democrat National Committee employees. People hired by Debbie Schultz. It was the Pakistanis, folks. The Pakistanis hacked the Democrat National Committee servers.

But there were three brothers from Pakistan, and they were hot to trot computer specialists. They were IT stars. Debbie Schultz hired them and put them on the payroll. 

They’re gone now. They are back in Pakistan. They were fired when it was discovered what they had done. Debbie Schultz hires them, these kids from Pakistan made off with all kinds of computer data from all over the DNC, and anywhere from 44 to 80 Democrat congresspeople had their data stolen, and in some cases, even the hardware, the computers themselves were stolen.

There were a lot of red flags about these people. They’re Pakistani Muslims. But they were given carte blanche is the point. The story was reported some time ago, the original theft and the fact that these guys left Washington. One of them left Washington under cover of darkness, once they had been discovered and they’re in Pakistan where they will not be extradited back.

And not to be redundant, but the Democrats refused to let the FBI forensically examine any of the network data that would, you know, have digital footprints that would maybe identify who came in and hacked data. The hardware was there. Nobody made off with the server, nobody made off with the hardware of the network. It was all there. Just the data had been hacked and stolen. We’ve been told from the get-go the Russians did the hacking...
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I think the FBI is getting ready to tie almost everything to the Clintons. They are oddly attached to every shady character in the story.