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The American Parasite

Click the add you've most likely seen on this site before. After watching it, talk about it.

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2 points

What a genius idea for getting people to click ads! Thank you!!!

| Side: The American Parasite
1 point

Damn son.. Turns out this guy did find out the key to penis enlargement. Just no one ever clicks the adverts, so no one ever knows that it's real :)

Shame I read the instructions wrong...

| Side: The American Parasite

Please could you give me the URL to the site? I can't find it.

| Side: The American Parasite
addltd(4585) Clarified
1 point

I think he means this site!

| Side: The American Parasite
1 point

The biggest flaw with this argument, is ad block. I have it, I'm sure lots of others do.

The second biggest flaw, is that fact that ads are specially selected for YOU based on your browser history.

| Side: The American Parasite

So that's why I find Sarah Palin porn. ;)

| Side: The American Parasite

Alright, if you can't click the ad on Create Debate, then heres the link. If you can use the ad, click it.

| Side: The American Parasite

I clicked on an add from TD instructing me to open and fund a TD Ameritrade IRA today- OH NO! MY RETIREMENT! IT'S ALL GONE! MY FUCKING RETIREMENT!

| Side: The American Parasite

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