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The Flow of Time is an Illusion

Below are a list of sources from various perspectives for one to look through at their own discretion:



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I only watched the bottom video. To say the flow of time is an illusion isn’t quite accurate. It would be better to say it is illusory. That is to say, it does not flow uniformly, the way we perceive it to flow, but it still flows. A minor detail.

In the last video, what struck me was that, if instant teleportation were possible, the alien on the bike could traverse the universe instantaneously to the location of the human. According to this video, he would then arrive in the parallel “now slice” referred to as a coinciding present. This should be astonishing since the alien would be relocated to the other side of the universe faster than it takes light to travel there. Which makes me think the simplification of the explanation is actually oversimplified.

On a slightly different topic, why is everyone so fascinated by the relativity of time, but not the correlating relativity of space?

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The_Kurgen(62) Disputed Banned
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I only watched the bottom video. To say the flow of time is an illusion isn’t quite accurate

It isn't accurate at all, you fascist Jew imbecile. In fact, it's thoroughly wrong.

That is to say, it does not flow uniformly

The thermodynamic arrow of time is directional. That is to say, you're wrong. Time flows because it always moves in the same direction, like a river.

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Hello x:

If there was no beginning, then arbitrarily picking a starting point WOULD make time an illusion.. But, we DO have a starting point AND an ending.


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Nobody is interested in your bizarre pseudo-nonsense you spectacularly delusional idiot. Just last week you claimed to study physics at degree level. Now you are here claiming time is a a conspiracy theory.

You belong in a mental institution, and I'm not even trolling you. I'm trying to help you.

If the flow of time were an illusion then nothing would age, everything would happen at once, and there would be no law of entropy.

Your combination of stupidity, ignorance and dishonesty is so offensive that I challenge you have ever had a friend in your entire life.

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