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 The Bible Says That the Moon gives off its own light? (7)

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The Bible Says That the Moon gives off its own light?

Isaiah 30:26

Primitive thinking, I guess.

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Before I can answer/explain it the best I can what do you think it means?

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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I think it means primitive thinking.

The assumptions made by men, thousands of years ago, when their knowledge of the World was minimal, as they were yet to explore and discover its many wonders.

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So..... what's the question ?

Dremorius(861) Clarified
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We know that science has proved that the Sun is what gives the Moon light.

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"You're taking that out of context!" Or some other equally worthless excuse. I'll let you know when one comes to mind.

Which version did you get this from? Niv says the moon will shine like the sun. That doesn't mean that it makes its own light. And even if it did, it was just being figurative.

Dremorius(861) Disputed
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"Shine like the sun"

Shine is a verb- a doing word, and "Like" can mean that it copies what the sun is doing.

The Phantom(453) Disputed
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It can mean, but doesn't have to. It can just mean that it appears to shine as the sun does, but doesnt get all technical.

This is something that I just learned. Interesting! Now, I know.