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 The Coolest Way To Die? (6)

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The Coolest Way To Die?

You're about to die, you have access to anything in the world, how would you go out?

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First off I'd gather every single person that's ever pissed me off or I just plain don't like on top of The Empire State Building, and everyone else who's kinda annoyed me gathered around its base.

I would make sure I was in possession of a mini-gun and had a speaker system attached to my waist that was triggered to detonate with C4 as soon as my heart stopped beating.

I would then proceed to push everyone off the State Building and then jump off myself, blasting "Free Falling" from the speakers and gunning down everyone in the air with my mini-gun, I'd hit the ground, everyone would die, and I would be put in the history books.

Perfect? I think yes ;)

I would want to die by ODing on: Acid, shrooms, peyote, weed, dxm, ketamine, deliriants, and DMT, but, this is the best part: I would steal a jet fighter and fly around NORAD and have dogfights with other pilots until i was shot down


You can't afford the lethal does man, but dying on acid in a cool way would be fun.


Unless you eat half your body weight, you can't overdoes.


Can't overdose on.


dmt can't kill you, and everytime you sleep your body produces DMT, whenever you meditate or dream your body releases DMT. DMT (pure dmt) and ayawaska (plant containing high amounts of dmt) are non-lethal and can not kill you.

But dude, combine all these drugs, you will die, but it would be the most epic way to die, especially if you took them while in the fighter jet!

Me and my friend agreed on this. If any one of us is about to die, we have to piss on Mecca.

Not because we're anti-Islam or anything, but think about it.

The Muslim world would go absolutely fucking apeshit. I mean they've already burned down a few embassies over a film that was never made. Can you imagine if someone pissed on Mecca?

You would be the sole cause of WW3. Your name would be synonymous with the greats of history, like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao...

Actually... maybe that's not such a good idea ;)

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Get in a sports car time machine, you're convinced if you reach 100mph, you'll travel back in time some place cool, so you accelerate, you reach 90mph. "Here i come!!!" Then you smash in to a wall... No idea it was coming, your last thought was "Holy shit i'm going back in time!" Either that or whilst nailing some hot girl in the back of a limo, driving off the grand canyon...

I need a bullet, a big red button and a bucket.

First, I would bite the bullet, then I would press the big red button as I let out a maniacal laugh and finally, I would kick the bucket. ;)


I would need a network connected device so that I could check how many points I have on CD. He who has the most points on CD, wins ;) Then I would post my last debate and argument.

"Did joe tell you that he was terminally ill?"

"I knew he was mentally ill" "Wait..., what? No!!!"

"My epitaph will read 'I told you I was sick!' ;)"

or some such nonsense. If you come up with something better, let me know. Either way..., I hope you guys would up vote me to heaven, massively participate on the debate and remember the lulz ;)