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The Evolution of Man


The history of man shows the development of Civilization being dependant on wars achieving power by force. This has been the recognized way that Man continues to use to day, regardless of the fact that weaponry has reached critical, while millions of people seek peace by praying and many millions join Peace Movements on the Internet. The inhumane killing of peoples either through wars, starvation, or poorer people coping with disease and natural disasters are the resulting status quo. Suffering is now recognized as normal and appears powerless to address. The status quo recognized by all peoples has always favoured the rich and powerful albeit their very limited rich lives ending in complete oblivion, in the greatest majority of cases.


Through Evolution of the Worlds Conscientiousness however, spirituality is growing in the minds of peoples as the reality of their suffering is focused on the causes creating it. Peoples now see governments as acting irresponsibly in continuing wars, all for the dire lack of spirituality, the salt of peaceful progress. This is the all-important balancing factor in attaining proper decisions to benefit their peoples by living in Peace. Retaliation by violence however, is not and never has been the way to protest and people like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are the embodiment of the modern day forerunners of this Evolving Spiritual Revolution that has started gaining momentum and can bring World Peace in our time. The rewards are great as billions of currency spent on wars are redirected to make plentiful funds available to rebuild Countries struggling at present to meet their international debts, brought about by poor decision making and planned skulduggery.

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Countries struggling at present to meet their international debts is brought about by poor people claiming that they are entitled to benefits provided by the rich. We can cut spending and transfer that money towards paying off the debt if we take those people out and use their benefits money to pay the debt. ;)

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Could you quote me from National statistics Joe, as to the amount that could be saved compared with wars.

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Two reasons as to why the poor stay:

Government: Underdeveloped countries have no economic freedom

Developed countries laziness.

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