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The Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter

Okay I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I've read the books and seen the movies.

But a few days ago I watched the Hunger Games, and since I can't really wait till the other movies premier I thought I might as well read the books - So I'm almost done with the second book and I think I love the Hunger Games a bit more than Harry Potter.

What do you think?

The Hunger Games

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Harry Potter

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I'm not a big fan of HP... I saw the first movie and that was it. I do like The Hunger Games... the second book is the best of the three.

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It explored the human psyche to a level of pure bliss.

It was a sociological, psychological and aesthetic masterpiece.

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I don't really count the movies in regards to which of these two I like, as there are a lot of errors. So I'll be going with the books only. I haven't really read the Hunger Games at all (though my sister likes them), but I read the first 5 HP books in less than a week so it must be good enough to at least hold my interest for some length of time.

So yeah.

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Just as a personal preference, i choose harry potter. I just found it to be a more enjoyable movie.

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I've read both series and seen all the movies but when it comes down to a writing aspect the Harry Potter series has more powerful character development and uses better dialog to achieve this.

I don't hate the Hunger Games I just think that it has a lower character development and that the writing style cannot compete with Harry Potter or books like it. The character of Katniss is not a great one, she does have great qualities but they can be portrait as annoying, selfish and spiteful. I understand the wanting of a female protagonist but the way to show them it is not through the way of people such as Katniss or Tris from divergent it is to make them like characters such as; Hermoine and Ginny. These characters show the heroine qualities that we should all enjoy, but instead of being so strong and have their badass qualities, Hermoine and Ginny have the famine qualities as well as the kindness and strength that is what should be expected from this characters.

The male characters in Harry Potter are also better than the Hunger Games characters, I understand Peeta is in love with Katniss but the way he is shown is rather needy and aggravating to a smart audience, Harry on the other hand who is in love with Ginny doesn't go into this line of stupid although he can come of as a pity lover. But Harry puts the good of the collective and this makes him a much likeable character who will even sacrifice himself for his friends. Ron is also like this, a character who loves Hermonie but doesn't essentially beg for the love or guilt her into loving him back, he earns it through bravery and chivalry.

Thank whoever made this fantastic debate and I hope you make more debates like this in the future.


Side: Harry Potter