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 The Left never misses an opportunity to divide America, & race bate for votes. (7)

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The Left never misses an opportunity to divide America, & race bate for votes.

Another everyday occurrence for most people, is used to fan the flames of so called racism in America. Fake news is all over this as always, trying to paint America as a hotbed of racial hatred.

The puppets who elect these Left wing Politicians must hold their nose when voting? How can you keep electing those who would have America wallowed in never ending racial divide, merely to garner votes?

It's truly sickening what has become of the Democrat Party. They live and breathe to find and sensationalize every little event like this one at Starbucks. Were it not for the Liberal media and Democrat Party sensationalizing these types of things, America might actually become color blind.
But no, that would not keep 95% of the Black vote in the Democrat Party's camp. Democrats are keeping America's mindset mired in racial victimization. It's sick what they are doing!

If I had gone into a business that had this bathroom policy, I would have either bought a Pepsi, and used their bathroom, or I would have left. But as you see, when the Left constantly paints Black people as being victims, the person's knee jerk reaction is to believe they are being denied the use of their bathroom because they are Black. This is the result of the Left's constant race bating.

Must be White people have never been told they can't use the bathroom unless they buy something. Stop electing these idiots pushing this nonsense!

Were these ludicrous stories not plastered all over the media, America might actually come together as one.
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So if you are White, and are denied the bathroom because of some store policy, refuse to follow their policy and turn it into a racial or discrimination case against White people.

See how many media outlets cover it.


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The first thing Democrats will say, is that these media outlets sensationalizing these types of stories have nothing to do with the Democrat Party.

LOL, this is the type of intellect coming from these left wing debaters. They will ALWAYS deny the constant race bating used by their Democrat party.

The Democrat Party lives and breathes race bating whether they mention this story or not.


outlaw60(14557) Disputed
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Media Outlets are Democrats you Little SnowFlake ! Are you that Stupid ??????

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The right never misses an opportunity to divide America, & race bait for votes. Nor do they miss an opportunity to do something un-American and say "The LEFT did it"!

It's obvious that stupidity comes -FromWIthin.

outlaw60(14557) Disputed
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Crazy AL of Road Island your stupidity is Glaring

outlaw60(14557) Disputed
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Crazy AL the Progressive Party wants too divide America. Are you that Damn Dumb ?

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I love when his rants that are so bathed in hypocrisy and he doesn't even notice it. He sure has never used this platform to unite the two parties. Nor has he ever said anything good about any side other than his.