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The NHS is a Good Thing

Yes, it is

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No, it isn't

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Free health care for everyone regardless whats not to like!! What is needed is better pay for the Doctors, Nurses and all the Staff at the sharp end

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ThePyg(6761) Disputed
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As Milton Friedman said: "There's no such thing as a free lunch."

It's not free healthcare. Free healthcare would mean that the government was forcing doctors and nurses to treat your wounds. They are paying for these doctors with the money of the British people. There is no competition because it is the NHS. One system paid for by one entity with money that it took from the British people whether they wanted to give it up or not.

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Micmacmoc(2259) Disputed
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"It's not free healthcare"

It is paid for indirectly, through taxes. I think, however, that it is a lot cheaper, and better in an emergency, if you need some healthcare. Regardless of your position in society, whether rich or poor, you will always be eligible for free healthcare in Britain, and that's a great thing for there to be.

There may not be any competition but to try to compete other healthcare companies out of the market would be wrong.

"Took from the British people whether they wanted to give it up or not"

I think that everyone in their right mind would want to allow for NHS Healthcare.

Gradually, through taxes, the healthcare is a lot less taxing than private healthcare that you may find dominates in America. If people are in their right mind then they will donate to the NHS through taxes.

Regardless of whether it is free or not, it is a lot easier for people to have the NHS, and because of this it is seen as free - you don't pay directly.

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