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 The NRA has finally stopped producing firearms (7)

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The NRA has finally stopped producing firearms

Washington, DC -In a letter to Congress the NRA will stop producing firearms at the end of this month. All NRA gun manufacturing facilities will stop production in the United States and Mexico. Smith and Wesson has promised to ramp up production as reported by the NRA website.    
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The panic among Washington politicians is where their bodyguards are now going to purchase the firearms to protect them. Inside source spoke off the record about this issue and there are very grave concerns.

I didn't know the NRA made guns; what is the brand name of them?

JamesDD(267) Disputed
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I didn't know the NRA made guns

Of course you didn't, bless your radically underdeveloped conscious brain. You thought they were really serious and neutral when they spent billions of dollars trying to convince you that guns save lives rather than take them.

Chinaman(706) Clarified
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Did the NRA in your world produce semi automatic firearms. Talk about a underdeveloped brain not much more can be said about you.

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It's not the gun, it's the person using it. A bad person with a gun can take lives, but a good guy with a gun can also save lives.

That was easy.

Chinaman(706) Clarified
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Thinking the Democrats call them the dreaded AR-15. Problem happens to be that AR is not understood by Democrats.

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Chinaman(706) Clarified
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The next ban to come along will be a 1 ton vehicle. Congress has just not gotten to that point yet.