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The Olympics are a waste of money

Since the olden times when the Olympics were held in Greece, it has come a long way to what it is now. The most recent one is in Britain. However, is it a waste of money just to build all these Olympic structures and venues? Besides, the medals awarded or prepared are not cheap too. With the upcoming economic crisis that has struck a lot of countries, do you think this type of redundant event need to be organized? Or should we just save up our reserves for rainy days?Foot in Mouth

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It's all about the money and what those ratings bring in.

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I enjoyed the Olympics and also enjoyed seeing and speaking to people who by watching it have been inspired to take up sport, a healthier population is going to be better for the economy in the long run less people in hospital suffering from Obesity and other illnesses caused by a sedentary lifestyle as well as the money spent in the shops on sportswear which will actually be used for doing sport in instead of going to the local shop to buy your chocolate in and the increase in Gym memebership and sports centre useage.

Wether these increases in revenue from sport will offset the amount spent on staging the Games only time will tell

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What TheAshman said is true. The Olympics are actually promoting sports in a new fashion, and of course, helping to boost camarederie and sportsmanship. This will indirectly affect our manner (positively) towards the upcoming problems too. In fact, the money spent can actually be minimised if other venues (which are already existent) is used for the event

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Not only sport but the Olympic Stadium could also be used for cultural events like putting on concerts

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