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 The Supreme court is now hearing arguments concerning our freedoms to say no. (15)

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The Supreme court is now hearing arguments concerning our freedoms to say no.

The Left has become such Big Brother control fanatics, they think they have the right to force private businesses to cater things that go against their faith or heart felt beliefs.

How would you like to force African American family owned businesses to cater KKK conventions?
How would you like to force Prolife family owned businesses to cater pro abortion conventions!
How would you like to force a Jewish owned family business to cater a nazi convention?
How would you like to force a Feminist owned business to cater a convention for Male Cheauvanists?
How would you like to force a divorcee to cater their ex spouse's wedding?
How would you like to force a Peta business owner to cater a fur trapper's convention?

ARE YOU STARTING TO GET IT? This is what this Gay lawsuit will do to all privately owned businesses and their freedoms to say no to any job they do not want for personal reasons. It's not like there are not many many other businesses who will gladly take your money.

Nah, you are blind to your political correct fixation with unnatural sexual orientations. You will screw everyone's freedoms for the sake of your insecurities of homosexuality. You think you can force Christians to deny their faith. You would try and force people to agree with you and sanction your sexual orientation as natural. You think you can force us and science to deny biology.

Ask yourself if you were a Gay person wanting to get married, would you choose a Christian owned catering service whose owner did not support the marriage? Why would you ever want to force someone to do your wedding when he did not support it?

There can be only one reason for this law suit. As always, it's the Left and activist gays who used this private business to get their lawsuit going, with the hopes it would end up in the Supreme court, just as they did when forcing all States to change their marriage laws.

The Left loves tryng to compare this to a restaurant denying Black people. There is no comparison because your skin color does not go against anyone's religious convictions. Being Black is not a sin according to the Christian faith, and no Christian or other religion believes it is. It is not supporting something you believe to be a sin.
If there was such a racist restaurant, would you want to eat their? I would not! I would never give them one dollar!

Lets hope and Pray we have enough Conservative Justices to stand up for our freedoms to say no, no matter what you think. It's our business. We spent our money, worked long hours, and Big Brother has no right telling us to do things going against our conscience.

The Christian faith says Homosexuaity is a sin... get over it! Respect our freedom and right's to our beliefs!

It matters not what you think of Homosexuality, it's not your privtely owned business! Pick a business that supports your marriage, etc.
There are plenty of them!
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I understand you want everyone to think like you think, but it will never happen. There are such things as unnatural orientations, and people have a right to stand up for their beliefs.

You can believe what you want, and we can believe what we want. It's called freedom to dissagree.


Cuaroc(8822) Clarified
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It's called freedom to dissagree.

Unless it's disagreeing with FromWithins narrative.

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Amen to that. If it fits his views he's ok with it, if it doesn't then everyone is against him and we are all blind. Never the other way around for him.

mrcatsam(503) Clarified
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Would you like to talk about this? I'd be happy to slam you, I just don't know where to start.

1. There was a law. An anti discrimination said you cannot discriminate because of who someone is.

2. Baking a cake is not expression. In this situation, they didn't even discuss what would be on the cake.

3. No one is stifling his freedom of religion. NO ONE! He can still pray!

4. You can't use your freedom of speech to infringe upon someone else's right to equal protection under the law. It doesn't work that way.

Feel free to ask questions! I'm always here!

FromWithin(6483) Disputed
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How many times must you be told to respond to the original debate and not this fool's copied debate?

You obviously are a coward not to respond to the original debate because you want no response to your words.

The people who respond to this copied debate do so for one reason. TO INSULT ME!

They never address the actual debate. They don't want a forum to voice their opinions. They want to insult the person who created the debate.

Yet here you are wallowing with the insulting deceivers. What's that say about you?

Cuaroc, if you're going to multi-account this blatantly, at least stop the copy-pasting... Just unban Cuaroc from Fromwithin account and debate yourself there.

Cuaroc(8822) Clarified
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Sorry, I don't have much control over my other personalities.

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I never understand Christians like this. They seriouslt read the Bible and what Jesus was like and come to the conclusion that they should be able to refuse a homosexual service? Absolutely absurd. READ THE BIBLE

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The Left has become such Big Brother control fanatics,

I know right! They even have the gall to tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies!

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So, by your thought then any business can deny someone a product if they don't like a particular quality to them? Like say.....a white owner can deny business to a black customer because they are black? What about a Jewish deli denying business to a Christian? Or a business selling men's suites refusing to cater to a woman?

All because of who they are and not how they act? Do you not see an issue with that?

FromWithin needs to learn the difference between business and religion. Being a bigot might be OK in church, but if your business gets a reputation for it then it's economic suicide.