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 The Supreme court should not be spoken of as having 6 to 3 majorities. It's 9 Justices. (1)

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The Supreme court should not be spoken of as having 6 to 3 majorities. It's 9 Justices.

The court is not supposed to be spoken of in terms of Conservatives and Liberals. They are suppose to be non partisan Justices whose soul job it is to INTERPRET the Constitution.

It should not be looked at as having a 6 to 3, or 5 to 4 majority of any political Party.

It should be NINE Constitutional Justices whose soul job it is to discern the intent of the Constitution concerning any issue brought before the court..... period!

Yes, we all know that every person on the planet has his own personal opinions on political issues, but those personal opinions should be left at the door when deciding on law.

Republicans have always been strong on finding true Constitutionalist Justices because they believe in America, the ideals of freedom, the freedom to disagree, the importance of smaller Government, and power to all the people. They want Justices that will do their best to interpret the Constitution and discern the original intent of our founding fathers.

The Democrat Party on the other hand has become a very Liberal activist Party whose main goal is transforming America. Obama admitted his goal was to transform America.
Liberals care little for our traditional American values of smaller Government and power to the people. They need activist Justices who will legislate from the bench, and force their Ideology on all States regardless what the Constitution has to say. They would prefer our Constitution be called a living document that changes with the times... but only THEIR times.

My hope is that Ruth Bader Ginsburg gets healthy again, and retires from the court to enjoy her grand kids. I hope this happens before Trump is out of office. She was outspoken against Conservatives like Trump, and showed her bias before even deciding on the case. There is no place for our Justices to show their bias against any American before the case is even heard. She should have recused herself.

We don't need a 7 to 2 majority, or any such nonsense. We need a strong American President to appoint Justices that believe purely in the intent of the Constitution. No labels of Party affiliation needed. We need 9 good Constitutional Justices.
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Ask yourself why Democrats will never appoint a Pro life Justice to the supreme court. They have a litmus test that says the Justice must believe in Abortion, or he can not become a Supreme court Justice.

As always, they are activists who do not search for a Constitutional Justice. They want a Justice who will agree with them on their Liberal policies.