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The US is not really democracy

I agree.

I wait for your responses to fully develop the reasons to my position.


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Sounds about right.


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Of course the U.S. isn't a democracy... it was never supposed to be... The founding fathers set up the country as a Republic, not a democracy.

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I dont think their ever will be a country that represents everything a democracy is defined as.

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We are a representative democracy, also known as a republic. Pure democracy sounds good, but it's not really reasonable with our big population.

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Finally, someone who isn't an idealist... A lot of people like to think in the clouds and think impractically. We would all like this to happen, but it's not likely.

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Its not because it chooses stuff what it wants most of the time instead of voting.

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It is a republic. That supports the notion suggested by the title of this debate.

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Of course it's a Republic!

Jefferson himself said" A Democracy is two wolves and a sheep trying to decide what to have for dinner"

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