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 The bizarro world of this Democrat Party and people on this debate site. (1)

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The bizarro world of this Democrat Party and people on this debate site.

Watching the Left these days is like watching bizarro world. No matter how good Trump's and the GOP's policies are doing, these looney people keep playing the fools. I mean COME ON, when do you understand that constantly denying our nation's progress, since Trump was elected, makes you look like total idiots.

Is this your strategy in the mid term elections? LOL, please keep it up! As Americans start getting bigger paychecks, as their 401k's explode, as the Black unemployment rate drops below 7% (A RECORD LOW), as jobs are out there for any able bodied working man to find, as ISIS is on the run, etc. etc. etc., you keep right on playing the obstructionist fools and we will see those election results. 

Everything Trump said he woud do, he is doing. Our economy is doing exactly what economies do after eight years of socialistic paralysis. Economies always take off when the socialist loonies can no longer do damage to our job creators.

What's so comical is watching the Democrat Party and those on the Left on this debate site pretending everything is falling apart.

Here is what has transpired since Trump won....

He instantly got rid of needless regulations holding back business... Dems scream RACIST NAZI!

He instantly won battles against ISIS, destroying their strong holds... Dems scream RACIST NAZI!

He passed the first major tax overhaul for the working man in 30 years... Dems scream RACIST NAZI!

He stopped the mandates forcing Americans to buy worthless expensive Obamacare... Dems scream RACIST NAZI!

He stopped our Government from forcing Americans with a conscience to pay for abortions in other nations... Dems scream RACIST NAZI!

What the Left is doing is paramount to Republicans screaming NIGGER everytime Obama did anything. Can you imagine if the Repubicans treated Obama with that type of childish judgmental hate?

Keep it up Democrats. I want you to keep talking about Trump's locker room talk, his past relationships with women, what he might have said in closed door meetings, etc. etc., and while the rest of normal Americans enjoy the good life, you can keep crying wolf.

Americans are seeing what you actually care about... and it's not their wellbeing. You care about your Big Government Socialistic ideology no matter what a failure Obama proved it to be.

Bury your head in the sand and scream RACIST NAZI over and over and over like little spoiled children having temper tantrums. I realize you have little else you can do rather than admitting how good things are going. You lack the character to ever do that, even though it would be the one thing Americans would respect. It would show you actually cared about all Americans, not just your low income voting blocks.

It's fun watching the failure of Socialism being so clearly shown to the world. Obama and Trump are polar opposites. Socialism versus Capitalism..... there has never been a more clear demonstration of their effects on a nation.
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