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The complete meltdown of CNN has begun...

Fake News Meltdown at CNN: Retractions, Resignations and Outbursts

Three network journalists pack their bags after bogus Russia story, Acosta turns heckler at press briefing


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Meh, they're not the voice of me anyway.

Interesting that you turned to cartoon villains to represent your wicked glee. Hey, why don't you start showing Snidely Whiplash strapping a damsel to train tracks at the top of all your conservative debate posts?

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Interesting that you quickly snipped at Fox News, but just glazed over this one. That must be the non-partisan in you that you claim exists but I never see. They were proven to have lied, and do you have angst as you did when concerning Fox News? Nope. You just acted like you didn't know them. Now back to bashing Fox News, right Wine Glass?

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Grenache(6104) Clarified
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Actually I think that was a partially fair assessment. I'll make a conscious effort to be more fair.

I say partially fair because 90% of my conversations on this site in the last two days have been with hardline conservatives, which naturally puts me in the anything but hardline conservative vocal point.

Oh, and by the way, can you do what I just did? Ever? Can you ever confirm you were less than fair and would try to be better?

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FromWithin(6481) Disputed
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Nah, the Left is not the voice of you, you just vote for their Party most times. Keep living in denial. They have counselors for that type of denial you know.

It's funny how the kettle calling the pot black is talking about hard liners when you yourself are a hard line leftist.

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Pretty standard for all MSM, if the facts don't fit the agenda then they make them fit.

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YES Journalism carries a deep and fundamental responsibility. Truth is paramount in importance. ANY bias or hint of bias effecting the truth of what's reported completely negates the purpose of a "free press". Important political events, when reported as news MUST ALWAYS be reported without bias.

News Commentary must always be clearly distinguished from factual news.

This hardly happens anywhere in our current media.😕

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I don't think it's possible to be completely unbiased. I like the suggestion of making distinctions between the facts and the associated conjecture, I've often thought this too.

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