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The democratic process alone is a sufficient basis for political legitimacy

a)      Evaluate whether the democratic process alone is a sufficient basis for political legitimacy.  Please use case studies and examples of developed democracies/authoritarian states relevant conceptual knowledge as appropriate.


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One must first define the purpose of government before one can determine what is required to make that government legitimate.

If maintaining the glory of the monarch is the purpose, then democracy is antithetical to political legitimacy.

If the purpose of government is to maximize the greatest good for the greatest number, then the democratic process is sufficient. If the majority vote is a mere 51%, then the people have chosen.

If the protection of individual rights of citizens is the purpose of government, then the democratic process is not sufficient. The tyranny of the majority will undercut the rights of individuals within the minority. The process of choosing a legitimate governing body would require checks and balances and institutions would require lasting protections.

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Deuxfederer(5) Disputed
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The legitimacy of elected government by a voting majority is the fundamental aspect bein pointed out. What however needs to be addressed is that the legitimacy of the elected does not end with the elections. it rests on policy that have to respect constitutional law that guarantees no infringement on individual rights . If violated a government / elected individual can also be booted out of office also for which due process is present. Checks and balances in a democratic process though might sound less expedient in nature is what keeps the social contract between the citizens and the government connected by the constitution and the law of the land to allow the probability of any person to stake a claim for claiming power in public office.

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Amarel(2902) Disputed
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What in your post is meant to be in dispute of my post. What in your post is meant to imply that the democratic process alone is sufficient?

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