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The most important discovery of the 21st century (so far)?

I know this is one of those topics that's impossible to quantify but I am interested to hear peoples opinions (and hopefully gain some knowledge). No boundries, could be biological, astrological, archaeological - whatever discovery has grabbed your attention the most and helped us as a species gain a greater understanding of science or history.

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I don't think I can dispute Internet, but I feel personally it has been the advent of the new generation media. It has changed how we look at things. Positive and negative,

chatturgha(1641) Disputed
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The internet isn't a discovery... it's an invention...

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Yeah, and it's been around since the 20th century! Not disputing the fact that it's amazing, it's just not relevant to this debate.

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The internet isn't a discovery... it's an invention...

Right... I guess I ignored the discovery part.

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The synthesis of a self replicating cell from non living compounds by Craig Venter and his team only last year.

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Excellent choice, this did cross my mind when creating this debate. However, I couldn't decide if 'synthetic life' was a discovery or an invention?

Discovery and invention aren't mutually exclusive as I'm sure one generally leads to the other, in order for the team to write this genetic code they had to first discover many many different things.

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I'm going to throw tiktaalik into the hat. To quote one article I read:

"Its discovery sheds light on a pivotal point in the history of life on Earth: when the very first fish ventured out onto land."


I have provided a link that describes its importance more accurately and in greater detail if you wish to discover more.

Supporting Evidence: Tiktaalik (
| Side: Tiktaalik
1 point

Easily it is the internet. It's grown so quickly and changed the world. It's arguably redefined everything about how we store/look for knowledge. Nothing is off limits! Information is free.

| Side: Internet
chatturgha(1641) Disputed
1 point

The internet isn't a discovery... it's an invention...

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