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 The new rallying cry of the radical pro abortion Democrat Party is "health of mother" (6)

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The new rallying cry of the radical pro abortion Democrat Party is "health of mother"

I guess everyone has finally seen through the lie of "Life of Mother" abortion excuses from Democrats.
They know Republicans have no problem with life of mother abortions so Democrats can no longer use that lie and pathetic excuse for no restriction abortions.

So why do you suppose they now always say "health of mother" abortions?

They use this term because they understand that "health of mother" abortions would allow ALL ABORTIONS FOR ANY REASON AT ANY STAGE UP TILL BIRTH!

Is depression considered a health issue? So tell me, what woman would not say she was depressed when wanting to abort a viable for any reason at any stage.

Health of mother is a green light for ALL ABORTIONS AT ANY STAGE!

The next time you here these radical pro abortion Democrats throw out the "health of mother" excuse for late term abortions of viable babies, remember why they are saying it. It sounds so good and compassionate until you understand it's meaning. The next time you hear that term, think of a viable baby weeks from birth being dismembered because the mother said she was depressed.
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If you got yourself pregnant in the first place then depression is by far one of the worst excuses you can give. If you don't want a baby then keep it in your pants. Plain and simple. And if you don't want a baby then you can also adopt. And why are none of these “progressives" considering the health of the baby? Cutting a baby in half is not healthy at all. Let's progress and get rid of abortion once and for all.

You are speaking common sense humanity.

Progressives lack common sense and their humanity is afforded only to those who most often will vote for them. Unborn babies can't vote and get no protection from Democrats.

Can I ask, why you think late term abortions happen? Like what reasoning do you think is happening that is so abhorrent that only a soulless democrat could wholeheartedly support it?

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The 14th amendment does guarantee under right to personal privacy for a person citizen of USA. Unborns are not recognised as constitutionally protected and hence do not come under 14th amendment protection

FromWithin(5914) Disputed
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Do you actually think our entire nation should never question how a one Justice majority supreme court decision, concerning the right of life of our most innocent vulnerable viable babies, should never be overturned?

I guess the people who fought against past laws, that said Black people did not deserve the same protection as White people, were also wrong to fight it?

You are the same type of people who fought to keep racism legal! Racism and abortion are very similar issues.

The past racist laws of the land based the right's of a person by their skin color.

Today's pro abortion laws are based on the person's age and location. Both are inhuman!

Would you have spoken out against the law of the land when it allowed racism?

Look within your dead conscience, and ask yourself why racism was a more important reason to CHANGE the laws, but killing our viable babies is not.

Please get some semblance of humanity.

Black people were not "recognised as constitutionally protected", and people like you are fine with our viable babies also not being "recognised as constitutionally protected".

Have Progressives learned ANYTHING FROM OUR PAST INHUMANITY? I guess not.

FromWithin(5914) Disputed
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There are many reasons why late term abortions are done.

Sometimes they are done because a woman, whose conscience is torn between life and death of the baby, waits too long to make such a horrific choice.

Sometimes women find out their Baby is a special needs child, such as Down syndrome(special olympic kids), and abort the baby because he is not perfect in their minds.

Sometimes they are done for life of mother reasons (which the GOP and most others support).

Sometimes they are done simply because a woman changes her mind.

When we are excusing the killing of viable babies for any reason, there better be very expicit detailed laws that explain which extreme case abortions are allowed.

"Health of Mother" is a deliberately vague wording that would allow all abortions. The mother simply has to say she is depressed which could never be proven one way or another.

In our laws protecting your life from a killer, do you think the wording is so vague?

No, when it comes to the importance of protecting our innocent viable lives, the wording of any exceptions must be very explicit.