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 The problem with Democrats (I mean Socialists) is they never learn. It's inbred I guess. (7)

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The problem with Democrats (I mean Socialists) is they never learn. It's inbred I guess.

One would think after witnessing eight long years of Liberal Democrats (Socialists) doing all in their power to hurt business with many regulations, forced Obamacare, hgh taxes, etc., the results would have opened the eyes of those on the Left!

One would be wrong! Their eyes look like Marlon Brando's on a sunny day. Then one day they hear a sound bite on fake news calling Trump a racist nazi for the trillionth time, and like a miracle... their eyes open to the likes of Marty Feldman. They jump up and down singing Trump is a racist racist racist... Trump is a Nazi Nazi Nazi...

A Conservative could sit with a Progressive, discussing Socialism versus capitalism, showing the historical statistics showing why capitalism is much better at growing an economy, creating good jobs, REDUCING the number of people living off Government, etc. etc., and the Progressive looks at you like you are some kind of alien Vulcan.

Progressives would explain how our money is better off in the hands of corrupt politicians rather than in the hands of the workers. They would say Government is better at spending our money and creating more jobs, then the private sector is.

You would say Government takes our money, spends it on career able bodied Government dependents, to garner their votes. When the Progressive finally runs out of Liberal talking points, he falls back on tried and true Liberalism 101... calling you a racist nazi homophobic zealot!

So like Spock, you say.... that's illogical!
They repeat Racist, Nazi, Racist, Nazi...

So I want you to go home tonight, watch your favorite fake news channel, and see how many seconds transpires before the word Racist is mentioned. Then watch late night so called comedy shows and see how long before the Nazi label is used.

There is no getting through the heads of Left wing Democrats, Progressives (Socialists). It's like dysfunctional cult members putting their fingers in their ears screaming racist nazi while you are trying to explain economics 101.

It's a lost cause because many of them or their family members either work for the Government or live off Government. They can most likely see the truth but are too lazy or selfish to care.
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"Now we will see the site Clown copy and create yet one more echo chamber to listen to pure silence."

pfffft hahahahah. Go to the original. Its literally him talking to himself.

Democrats had the option to pass single payer healthcare and didnt. They dont even back bernies proposals in the senate. Bernie is the most left person in the whole party and they cheated him out of the election.

how in the fuck are they socialists??

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-FromWithin .. all you need to see to know it's the workings of a "stable genius" .... one who knows his horseshit and how to shovel it!

Well, yes. But there has to be a middle ground. I do not identify with either specific political party, which is good to counterbalance the pros and cons of each side. While, absolutely, a percentage of the Left have gone absolutely crazy, with many ideas that do not make any logical, political, or social sense. But they aren't alone on that. There is also an equal-sized percentage of the Right that can be described in exactly the same way. The difference lies in which ways we define behaviour that does not identify the party as a whole.

If one is to say that Democrats never learn, that is not entirely true, in a general statement. I have had many reasonable conversations of substance with individuals who identify themselves as 1st-wave Democrats (linking their political ideology to versions of it from the past), and they tend to be much more in line with the modern conservative way of thinking. The deviations are there, but there are many more commonalities there than between modern liberals and conservatives. Additionally, if one is to say that Democrats never learn, one must also conceded that Republicans never learn, simply due to the fact that sections of the Right also still believe in some ridiculous ideas. You must operate outside of the narrow political dividend if you are to understand your own party, as well as the members of the opposite party, wherein you may find more rational individuals than you realize.

FromWithin(6831) Clarified
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If you actualy want a response, try posting on the original debate instead of this moron's copied debate.

It will always be down a few lines on the new debate list.

Cuaroc(8824) Clarified
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He wouldn't want to interrupt your echo chamber though.

What about the problem with Republicans (I mean nazis)? Basically, when a neo-nazi is saying to vote for someone, it's mostly a republican.