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False Wait..., what? Oh, it does
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joecavalry(36001) pic

The & symbol looks like a man dragging his butt across the floor


So the top loop is his head, the bottom loop is his butt, his legs are sticking straight up into the air and he's using his hands to drab himself around.. But if I have to explain it before you see it, just pick false.

Also, did you notice what I did there with the Affirmative & Negative Positions.  Didn't mean to throw JC veterans for a loop.  Just trying to mix it up a little ;)


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Wait..., what? Oh, it does

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Did you also notice that the # symbol look like a tic-tac-toe board?

And the $ symbol looks like a stripper on a pole?

And the % symbol looks like a skewed picture of said stripper wrapping her boobs around said pole?

And the ? Symbol looks like the boobs of a woman doing a head stand?. I'm just saying, right?

Damn..., I think I need to get to laid ;)

I'm sure you guys can come up with more ;)

| Side: Wait..., what? Oh, it does

Obscure, but funny.-----------------------------------------------

| Side: Wait..., what? Oh, it does

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