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Can never be explained easily It is always possible
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Theory of Everything!

TOE is the now at present targeting out string theory

Can never be explained easily

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It is always possible

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According to me, My friend Alstars is right....

He once had explained to me a perfect theory that proves the existence of a chain at infinite uniforms and pretexts.... He named it the CFE: Chain for Everything!

This he shared only with me!

So, this says that there can never be a perfect theory that can explain the universe and its constituents all by itself!

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Hey, Anjali, I am so angry with you to reveal my theory.....

Any way, Thanks for your publicity....

The debate is obviously going to bend this side!

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listen or rather read my words carefully, imnt arguing your point

but it seems senseless that its a chain that stertches to infinity

a big bang occured and then another big bang must go on to create this one, and so on till you chew your fingers

think that dark energy can solve this problem

the biggest plus point i have is that no one knows about it exactly,

so we may take as dark energy was involved in it

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alstars(736) Disputed
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It is not like a string theory, THat matter is made up of chains,.....

The theory has main views on explaining the universal concepts in terms of....

I think i told you enough!

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alstars(736) Disputed
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You have a completely wrong view about Dark matter and its instantaneous energy, Friend,

and i think it is just a waste of time to bring in this matter here!

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I have written a debate on string theory which can be easily found on this site. I don't believe anyone will ever successful show that the rational this idea is wrong. I am putting it up to test it. But I do thing that the TOE is legitimate because it does not have to be extra-dimensionally based. The reason I think that it is legitimate is because every successful theory has been a unified theory, and unified theory tend to be the most insightful. THAT KIND OF SUCCESS IN SCIENCE WILL NO JUST GO AWAY. String theory is a wrong idea because it has wedded itself to extra-dimensions. Though string theory will surely not survive however pieces or variations of it maybe salvageable in the end. But this idea of TOE goes to the heart of unified theory itself; perhaps it won't be this TOE but another TOE that will success.

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