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 There is a horrible pattern with the Democrat party. They constantly lie to get elected! (4)

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There is a horrible pattern with the Democrat party. They constantly lie to get elected!

Never in my lifetime have I ever seen such a corrupt party. The Democrat party must have sold their souls to the Devil to be as dishonest about who they are, what they stand for and what they support.

They will never admit they support the right's of states to have no limit abortions right up to birth for any reason. LIARS!

They refused to admit how Hillary and Obama lied about the Benghazi attacks being started from anti muslim videos. They lied to allow Obama to spew his rhetoric of how terrorism was under control right before his re election. LIARS!

Rememer Obamacare where we could keep our doctors and insurance plans and our premiums would go down? LIARS!

Democrats keep telling us how there were no classified emails on Hillary's server? LIARS!

Remember the IRS scandal where Lois Lerner took the fifth to cover her's and the Democrat's conspiracy against Conservative groups? LIARS!

What is most sickening is how many Americans will STILL vote for proven liars! What does that say abut the Democrat voters?

Now please do what you always do, and try to say that George Bush knew there were no WMD's and purposely lied about it. There was never one shred of proof to that accusation but you keep spewing it because you have nothing else.

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This is just the latest of the dozen almost identical debates you posted smearing Democrats on abortion and a better sub discussion is already in comments under my "NO BANS" debate. There are Republicans and Independents who are also pro choice, which you both cannot deny yet try to deny by labeling this all Democrat like in this debate.

Ban me now, I'm going back to the real debates.

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You are like a broken record spewing absolute worthless informtion that has absolutely nothing to do with ANY of my debates.

Let me give you some worthless facts ok? There are some kkk Democrats! Now tell me what that has to do with anything. Does that make the Democrat party racists? NO!

Do I care if there might be a few pro choice republicans that I would NEVER vote for? NO!

Do I care if there might be a few pro life Democrat phonies who support their party of death? NO!

To have a real debate, one must separate himself from these meaningless side issues done purely to try and excuse the inhumanity you support.

Now try & use the brain that you supposedly possess, and start THINKING! We are talking about the vast majority of a party and what they support. If you vote for these extremist pro abortion Democrats who support the right of states to have NO LIMIT abortions for any reason, then YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY LATE TERM BABY KILLED.

I've said this FACT in a thousand ways and it matters not to you people. You simply deny, twist, change the topic to aything but the reality of what you support with your vote.

After beating my head against the wall with deniers, there is nothing left but to ignore the deceptions.

Now try one more time using your brain and ask this simple question. If a person voted for a KKK member, because other than the KKK affiliation he agreed with all the other issues the politician stood for, would that be an excuse to elect such a person?

Would you vote for a KKK member if you agreed with hm on other issues? Or would that one issue of belonging to the KKK prevent you from voting for him.

Can you honestly answer this question?

If you feel so strongly about the Democrats being liars, I'd hate to know what you feel for the Republicans.

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This is why I ban people. You chose to not address the debate but rather just throw out a ludicrous claim that Repubicans are just as bad WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EXAMPLES TO PROVE YOUR ACCUSATION. Do you have any idea how many times Democrats say that same rhetoric with no proof what so ever to make their point?

Now if you can actually come up with anything other than the Iraq war(which Democrats also supported) and the lie of how Repubicans supposedly knew there were no WMD's,

I will give you one more chance to address the debate.