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There is no such thing as time, calandors are all arbitrary made up by humans

every fucking god damn calander is forged and made up by humans; there is no such thing as time or years, we made it up cunts; im fucking tired of reading happy new year- when you all know its another fucking shite reason to drink or smoke a fucking simoltaneous blunt.- You wont resolve anything, simply due to the fact that youre humans; the worst creature ever concieved by earth, ever to go down in history, to ever even be known or exist; so you can all suck my fucking cock, so i dont have to read youre covered masked lies, just to suck a cunt or dick, you all make this up just to be known; now its time i tell you and give my new years fucking greeting; hell, you can consider it all of your new years gifts; heres dome truth for all of your fucking lies.

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Start-to-never-end it has been coded in the Matrix by the RNG god.

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Exactly! Furthermore, have you ever seen a unit of length that wasn’t an arbitrary human construct?! No! There is no such thing as length! A foot, a meter, a mile. All fake made up bullshit! And the biggest fucking lie is when you combine the two! There are no hours and there are no miles! But your gonna tell me that I am moving at 55 miles per hour? The fuck I am! If you stand in front of my car, the only way anything bad will happen to you is if you believe in this totally subjective bullshit you pretend is physics. Fuck you!

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Try this book: The Physics of Time by Richard A. Muller, it supports your theory and is really good. Also, you have a point.

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Months and Years are measurements of time. That's like saying since a cup is made by humans, volume doesn't exist.

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