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 There need to be more worthwhile debates. (34)

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There need to be more worthwhile debates.

This website needs more people with actual debate ideas, instead of questions that have no purpose for expanding knowledge. 

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Excellent observation. Since you are able to see so clearly the need for more thought provoking debate subjects, perhaps you are also aware that we the users are almost totally in control posting relevant and interesting topics. Care to offer a topic of your own?

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Are you participating in all of the worthwhile debates currently?

ThinkerLad(267) Disputed
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I take part in the ones that I think I have the required knowledge to debate in. I'm not saying that all debates on this site are trivial, there just happens to be a lot. For example, the recent one about whether green or blue is better. I mean, there is no answer to it but is there any point in debating over it?

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I understand that some of the debates you see aren't worth participating, but if you also ignore the debates that are worth participating it is partially your fault. Why would people create real debates when people only go to the bad debates?

What do you have knowledge in that you want to debate?

Don't tell me, show me. What is considered to be a worthwhile debate to some may seem like trivial nonsense to others. The main topics for discussion seem to be, religion, homosexuality, politics and participants insulting each other, all good clean fun. It's a good, well thought out, easy to use site with some good debates/arguments being posed.

ThinkerLad(267) Disputed
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I agree, I have taken part in many debates on this site and there are some interesting topics. However, there are several names, whom I shall not publicise, who create debates that are just not worth the time and they just clog up the feed. It's not that they are a nuisance but they do hinder worthwhile thoughts that could be disputed and possibly give people a different perspective on something, which tends to be the idea of a debate.

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I disagree. Worthwhile debates are made by politicians in high level jobs. This site is designed for casual debating.

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Do Leftist/Progressives ever want a worthwhile debate ?

Check with the current Obama Regime !

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That is a really bad question to ask ... for you. You are one of the leaders in making debates that aren't worthwhile. You are calling yourself a leftist.

outlaw60(12951) Disputed
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So your are making mention of what ? That would dovetail into what you might be mentioning ?