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There's a new rapper in town.

Beat (play on loop by right-clicking and clicking 'loop' for slower reading): Oh Lord... The times do change, I'm the new Hellno; I eliminate the strange and deranged madmen who belong in a cage, Life-story turns a new page, candle keeps burnin', gained more than just age, I'm literally the pinnacle of a lyrical miracle, my destiny’s not just Biblical, it’s universally mythical, I’m a military in one brain, this hero's non-fictional, bring me a couple million villains and I will easily kill ‘em all, FactMachine aint the King, he’s more of wannabe terrorist to my regime; pitifully miserable criminal, While he’s typin’ rhymes and conspiring against me, I’ve spat a billion rich syllables, You can’t really sit there giggling with resentment towards this equivocal, formidable, invincible, genius that is atypically clinical with the bars, genius strategy; optimal position at all times; the precision’s nonreciprocal. ====================== Ooh baby, I aint shady but I just may be his baby, if he only were a lady that fucked Chris Webby and made me, Hell if three-way reproduction weren’t so alien, he’d ménage Minaj alter my DNA, basically he’d have summed up my rap persona by making me ill with rabies as he genetically rearranged me. Wanna face me? You can’t phase me, I am CreateDebate’s gravy, without me it is boring, I lubricate it on the daily, So the next time you post bolded crap that’s rap-resembling and say ‘come hail me’ your mind will take you back to the fact you’re whack as this rap comes to your mind vaguely.
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I shit all over this shit. But it is decent bro, keep up the effort and maybe you will be more than ok in the future.