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This documentary explains how America ran off the rails

This documentary is about Edward Bernays who was the American nephew of Sigmund Freud and how he used Freud's discoveries about the human mind to warp our society.
Bernay's created the term "Public Relations" which he admits is a euphemism for propaganda.  Public Relations then morphed into "Advertising Science" which is nothing more or less than the science of controlling the masses.  

Believe it or don't, that's your call, but at least watch the documentary before you make up your mind.

"The Century of the Self" is in 4 parts.  Part one:
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Already seen it, years ago. I've been telling people about Edward Bernays for decades now.

Thanks for linking it. People need to know.

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I saw this documentary a while back. What, in your opinion, are the goals of the international social engineers? (Genuinely curious)

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George Carlin sums it up much better than I ever could:

"They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking, they're not interested in that, that doesn't help them, that's against their interests.

You know what they want? They want obedient workers, obedient workers."

George Carlin - It's a Big Club and You Ain't In It! The American Dream
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I loved Carlin and agree, though they already have obedient workers. What do you think they want in the long term?

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Good reference to George Carlin. He was hilarious and had many valuable criticisms/insights. It would be nice if more comedians, celebrities, ect. were more like him

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There are many contributing factors to how American ran off the rails.

Personally, I think money issues are the core reason things go one way or another. What happened in the last half century is both government and private citizens accepted massive debt as part of the normal way of living and doing business and it has gradually caught up to us now to where people are genuinely scared of what will happen to them if they falter and various nations around the world are themselves going bankrupt. Debt based economies are what really sent us off the rails. It's why the price of homes has leap frogged beyond cost of living and inflation to the point where you can only buy if you're rich or if you're able to shoulder ever more massive debt. It's why the Heartland is freaked about immigrants taking their jobs or global trade deals benefitting everyone but the common citizens. It's why we elected a child king who wallowed in debt and went bankrupt a bunch of times yet survived, thinking he'd shuffle the deck to give out jobs again or return us somehow to a half century ago when Americans could afford to raise a family without either parent having a college education.

Many things contributed to the train going off the rails, but the railroad cars overstuffed with debt made sure the brakes wouldn't work and the only plan our leaders dare suggest is full power ahead.

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America ran off the rails because it progressively turned against God. Evil money hungry people take advantage of people laden with diverse lusts.

xMathFanx(1573) Clarified
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America ran off the rails because it progressively turned against God.

America is a highly religious society compared to the rest of the Western World.

NowASaint(1389) Clarified
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That's a pretty dumb statement you made there. Either you are as dumb as you sound, or you just don't know anything about human nature or countries outside of America.

John-Locke(10) Disputed
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What evidence is there to prove the existence of God but claims and disputes throughout history? America simply ran off the rails because of lack of efficient policies to control lucrative businesses and political and social tension across the country that further divides us, including religious beliefs.

NowASaint(1389) Clarified
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If you will not believe God is there, anything in the whole universe or everything in the whole universe, and every living thing in it, including yourself, will not prove to you that God is there. If you will not believe God is there, there has never been and never will be anything to convince you that God is God and He is there.

Even frying like an eternal sausage in the fire of Hell will not convince you that God is God and He is there. If you keep on going the way you are going, there will be times you beg God for relief and there will be times when you curse God and insist He is not real, not good, not God...and you will never really believe that He is who He says He is; God.

America was off the rails long before a wise guy came along and figured out ways to manipulate masses of people who felt sin is good for pleasure. You are talking like a Marxist, pretty much completely ignorant of America and it's history.

Now I'm realizing the purpose of this's Marxist garbage used to fuel class warfare.