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He's a peacock fucker

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Beat to the rap, right-click video and play on 'Loop' by clicking it:

Mingi is the harsh understanding that the disabled are cursed by fate,

But it goes a little further than that to murder no seriously Wikipedia the shit; it aint great,

But the thing with Mingi is that deep within he understands that a curse is worthy if it gets food on the plate,

Grinding it out, doesn't scream, doesn't shout, watches cheaters with alt accounts gettin' paid,

But the bitches end up banned, well Bronto still hasn't planned for the day that he's sorry for it 'n' Andy says 'too late',

See Mingi's cursed in a way; shoulda been killed as a kid by the African Mingi way,

But with willpower he deflowered tradition and mindfucked the world to let him stay,

Insane little kid with a brain that's a bit... How do we put it? Cuckoo Wuwu? Cray cray?

Grew to become anything but dumb and the son of a beautiful mom done-came a long way from cradle to Great.

Big boy beat
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Thank you for this beat, I like it. I am going to use it for an insanity themed rap.

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He has some kind of split personality disorder. The guy is like Jekyll and Hyde. One moment he's your friend and the next he's screaming obscenities.

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Mingiwuwu(1785) Disputed
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It's not Jeckyll and Hyde. It's also not Tyler Durden-esque.

It's much more like Hulk or a Lycanthrope (they can change at will or by intentional external triggering unlike werewolves that solely change at fullmoon).

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BurritoLunch(1885) Clarified
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It's also not Tyler Durden-esque.

Omg, I wish I'd have used that analogy instead of the Jekyll and Hyde one.

Do you ever punch yourself in the ear?

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Not trying to mean, btw. Most of the time I like you, but when you decide to be a dick you go full dick. Straight into top gear.

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