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Thoughts on the Obama primetime?

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I liked it,but hey it's Obama.

It was good to see him solidify his plan,uninterrupted, and never once mention McCain.

I think it was a stroke of brilliance, funding notwithstanding. While all the answers weren't there I believe there is no way they could matter who the candidate. It took me a long time to "get with" Obama but I'm glad I finally got past my dreams of Hillary being our next President. Her time will come again, I hope, but in the meanwhile we have a shining light in Barack Obama and no one can construct a bushel large enough to throw over it. I think he addressed the subject matter very fairly and used his experiences with people from his journey to his and their advantage. It is, after all, about the people and I KNOW he knows that. God speed Senator.

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Parts were cheesy and instead of "Joe, the plumber" there were those other people, but the idea was the same. I loved the live part at the end and got goosebumps. I was 95% sure that I was going to vote for Obama, but last night sealed the deal!

Side: Sheer Brilliance

It worked!!! I fell asleep in no time at all ;)

Side: Sheer Brilliance
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Seems you've been asleep since Rip Van Winkle awakened!

Side: Sheer Brilliance