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 Time does not exist, it's all a trick (33)

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Time does not exist, it's all a trick

Humans by mathematics made time by mental alertness and awareness of constant change in our environment to help us prepare and do better 'if' anything repeats itself but in reality time does not exist.
Time is a developed product of mankind.
Preparation necessitated the invention of this abstract thing called time.
At the early primitive starts of the human race, they learnt if they wanted to do anything, for their convenience they had to do it when there was light/day but realised it wasn't permanent(it came and went within/by some manipulation)or constant since darkness creeped in so they began timing in their own minds.
After long ignorance, they became curious and wanted to know what causes this uncontrollable factor(of not their doing or design).
They found out they lived in a ball house revolving in orbit around a glowing body and the further the ball gets away from the glow the darker it became and they decided to Mark/time the travelling of the ball to help them prepare. Till there came thomas edison's light bulb to help man reschedule dark period activities; the bulb brought more convenience.
But in reality there is no time.
This universe is just there living eternally with corruptive(can die off) products within it and might also be a product of a bigger space of another bigger space.
Who is playing this trick on us??
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You might as well claim that there is no such thing as length, since rulers were invented by man.

jeffreyone(1294) Disputed
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Distance started right from when sperms began running. Distance is reliable than time. Time is a target(we never reach because it is an illusion that keeps running whether or not you meet it but it will come back again since it survives on a limited distance travelling of real tangible materials).

You can measure the length from a vagina to the womb with your hand and mark it. People used to sell lands by measuring with their foots but since there were differet sizes of foots making it not fair, distance measurement tools were invented for fairness sake and a universal standard that helped reduce petty conflicts. Distance is tangible and reliable.

Distance is physical and tangible and you can actually put your bet on it.

You even know the distance to stretch your hand to slap someone provoking you without the use of a ruler.

If you try bets with time, you will never have it accurate without a watch, you may be a few secs/mins. ahead or behind because it's an illusion. That is why people's wrist watch times usually slightly differs but distance is constant and reliable. 5cm is 5cm everywhere.

People knew distance before time. Time lies between distance.

If you are not covering distance you can't be invoking time. And being at a standstill is also distance covered for what is called time to feed on to grow(multiply in numbers). (I am reserving a theory here, i don't want to bring it up).

Time is gathered from recording a repetition of an action/event(doesn't require 100% similarity, there is nothing new under the sun they say but no matter how similar they may be they will posses some unique differences). That is why they say when everything in space stops moving and is at a standstill(no distance travelling) that is when time stops counting, because time feeds on distance even distance at a standstill if you that delusion necessary at that moment. Even if everything in space stops and we still want to claculate how long it happened, by some mental maneuver, we can invoke in the illusion of time to serve again.

(Very daring at this point not to talk about what i shouldn't about distance and time).

Time must be locked within our events or it's an illusion that can go on and on without head or tail...whether things are at a standstill or travelling.

Time should be a slave of man and we tell what it means to us(universally accepted) in those ancient days there were different date calendars trying to be the supreme one of the world, time has always been a slave of man....but also an illusion in real sense without events to give it meaning

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Time is clearly an English conspiracy against humanity to have a man work more than he ought to..

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It is hard to tell. Let me get back to you in a few minutes.

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I posted my reply to you 10 years from today. Let me know when you get it.

jeffreyone(1294) Disputed
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Finally it's 10 years after 2017.

I just woke from Coma and that is what they say according to gregorian calendar but there is an iranian guy saying a different date according to solar hijri.

Are they playing tricks on me?

They say it's 3pm here but they say it's 7pm in China at this same moment.

Who are those guys in china?

Some new time travelling aliens on earth? what did i miss? or is it me travelling back in time? is it effects of coma? but come on!! i know i am not travelling, i am sitting right here on my hospital bed.

Somebody help me!!

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Time is just some kind of wibbly wobbly gowey stuff, we arent totally sure .... and yeah screw those chineese dudes;)

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Hello j:

It's true.. I'm REALLY only 34, and it's the MIRROR that's playing tricks..


jeffreyone(1294) Disputed
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According to the gregorian calendar you are 34. What if you were ethopian or iranian using solar hijr calendar?

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Time is real. It is night in china when it's day in america. How? The sun doesn't move, the earh does. Some part's of the earth have sun while others don't. Then it swaps. I'll say it again. Time. Is. Real.

jeffreyone(1294) Disputed
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We were two buddy soldiers on a mission where we hang around the bushes a lot and we went for a shower at a nearby stream in the woods where we lost our phones and wrist watches to some monkeys who came for it as we were in the stream.

All of a sudden at that moment something happens in space:

There was a strong quake in the universe

The sun loses it's hold in the centre of the revolving planets and keeps falling far off down in space.

And there came darkness during day all over the world.

After a while we see a flashed brightnes producing a short day light which passes away quickly.

It was another star which fell and went down the same path as the sun, passing through the exact space the sun used to occupy but was much closer to the planets because it was way bigger than the sun and it slightly tipped a few planets including earth.

Earth shifted off of it's normal revolving pattern and starts revolving around the moon(or anything that doesn't produce it's own light).

Companies and homes relying on solar power started losing light after days, there was choas everywhere.

We had lost our phones to monkeys, so no communication, we lost our watches to monkeys so no track of time(irrelevant now)........

Darkness for so long that we didn't expect the day anymore.

Earth still trying to get astronauts to go to space to find out the current position/Status of the planet(vividly)

We now do not depend on revolving around the sun but something else bigger or smaller than the sun.

The earth's revolution and rotation had reduced in speed.

And so many changes we are not famaliar with.

a project is now in progress to build a supreme light in outer space on top of what the earth now revolves about.

Do you think if the monkeys should return to us our watches, it would be of any usefulness now (considering how it had been programmed)??......

Amarel(3880) Disputed
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If your clocks are useless, or the standard for measuring the relationship between causal events changes, there is still time (the actual relationship). If there is such a notion as “before” or “after” there is time. There was time well before there were clocks.

They found out they lived in a ball house revolving in orbit around a glowing body and the further the ball gets away from the glow the darker it became

How exactly does the ball get further away if there is no time for it to get further away?

You haven't thought this through have you? No time means a static universe. Nothing moves.

jeffreyone(1294) Disputed
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How exactly does the ball get further away if there is no time for it to get further away?

Oh! so time is like the cop directing traffic , shifting the ball away like you use man power to push an old car finding difficulty to spark?

i have something better to say all depends on your reply.

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Thanks, I never knew that.

Anyone want to buy a Rolex and/or an Omega?