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To Binge or Not To Binge

Binge watching: good or bad?
Binge watching has been added to the Merriam Webster dictionary, which defines it as, "to watch many or all episodes of (a TV series) in rapid succession."  I would guess this could also apply to youtube videos and other "blue screen" marathons.
According to Macmillion dictionary blog, "The word 'binge' first appeared in English in the mid-1800s to mean 'to soak'. Around the time of World War I, the term 'binge' was used to refer to eating or drinking in excess. The term binge-watching can be traced back as far as 2003, but it didn't come into common usage until around 2012."  
What are the pros and cons of binge watching?  
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Con- It's not exactly a healthy way to live your life. Sitting on the couch/chair/bed and watching what will probably be at least 24 hours of television for one season.

Pro- Sometimes it's nice to completely disconnect from life and enjoy the cocoon of self-indulgence and laziness as you watch characters in a show.

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I believe that binge watching is a good thing. First of all, binge watching can be used as a stress reliever and in times like today where depression is on the up rise binge watching can be a simple solution. Binge watching helps ones mind explore, instead of being trapped inside a cell of the same thoughts. By getting away from the same thoughts can lead to knew ideas and solutions to problems. Also, binge watching is fun; just sitting all cuddled up in a blanket, eating popcorn, and watching your favorite season. Sure some might say oh but binge watching is addicting. It is, but isn't everything addicting? This is why you need to limit yourself on everything you use/do including binge watching lol. So if you're feeling down go ahead and binge watch, it helps just remember not to overdo it. There are other solutions to problems one might have.

C_Withacay(9) Disputed
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I disagree. Staring at a blue screen for hours on end likely adds to depression and isolation.

You do, however, conjure up some good pathos images of warm fuzzies and relaxation. But, as you so smartly point out, balance is everything. Perhaps these positives (getting your mind off a recurring bad track or letting your mind explore [new] ideas) can be done in a shorter setting: one movie instead of three? one episode instead of twelve?

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Binge watching can be a good thing. Binge watching can help in really difficult times and get things off your mind, such as if you had a bad day, you could turn on your favorite TV show or movie. It can also help pass time if you are nervous or scared. For instance, if you're getting a tooth fixed at the dentist and have dental anxiety like many people do, you could ask your dentist to turn on a movie so you could focus on something other than the operation. TV shows are a great conversation starter and awkward filler. If you were to have a friend over and didn't know what to talk about or what to do, you could turn on you and your friends favorite show and have heated conversations on debatable scenes from the show. Many people may have relationship/friendship problems and can feel very alone and think they're the only ones going through what they are going through. Sometimes watching a show with individuals with the same problems can really help and make you feel not so alone.

C_Withacay(9) Disputed
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Although I do like your thoughts on watching a show or movie to take your mind off dental anxiety, this is typically not binge watching. It may be a movie or a show, but it's shorter than binge watching. Binge watching is for extended periods of time. Most of your arguments would apply to shorter time periods. With this clarification, do you still think the same?

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Why is binge watching bad for us and what does it do to our brains? The more we watch and keep watching till we are done is taking away our time to do other things. We get so compelled in watching that we get lazier and lazier to do other things such as taking responsibility in our daily lives, and being more active. Because people are so compelled in finishing a show they stay up all night and then they are tired and don't want to get up in the morning. With all the late night binge watching people are lacking sleep which is bad for their health and could be dangerous.

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I agree. It's like a time trap. If you start a season of a series, a time warp seems to happen, and, before you know it, hours have disappeared! And yet you're still in the same place, doing the same thing.

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Cons for Binge-watching: when you Binge-watch you get fatigued and lazier. People think Binge-watching is fun and exciting, but do they stop to think about what the bad benefits of Binge-watching leads to? Well, let me tell you: Binge-watching can lead to negative effects like laziness, you get addicted to the shows and don't get the sleep you need, only getting a couple of hours of sleep. Also, when you binge watch, you eat a lot of junk food and drink a lot of soda. All that food is just bad for you. Instead of Binge-watching, read a book or go for a jog or run outside. Maybe explore a little in your backyard for a couple of hours. Binge-watching can have both Pros and Cons, but I prefer to be a Con in Binge-watching. Think about it before you start your next season of "The Flash" or "How I Met Your Mother" or "Gilmore Girls."

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I have heard several say that they stayed up late the night before, watching a season of this or that... that they couldn't stop, regardless of their rational thought of need for sleep. Like Salamander stated, binge watching steals one's time.