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I will be an immortal god I will be left behind
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Transhumanism is inevitable.

A singularity is eminent. With the rise of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence, we are on the verge of a new age of man; The Transhuman Age. More and more scientists are beginning to view aging more as a disease than a natural part of life, and some predict that by 2050 We will have the technology and knowledge to live twice as long and augment our brains and bodies with biotech. We will also have the capability to perform advanced gene editing. It is my personal belief that the human race will be surpassed, enslaved and exterminated by a new race of transhuman gods. These people will be the wealthy elites who can afford such alterations and the people who are smart enough to work on this technology. This is simply how life works, the inferior die and the strong and intelligent survive.

I will be an immortal god

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I will be left behind

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Transhumanism is already here.

-- Cochlear implants

-- Pacemakers

-- Artificial lenses in the eyes

-- Artificial Hearts

-- Mind-controlled robotic arms

-- Breast implants

-- Artificial hips

-- Total knee replacement

et cetera

et cetera

et cetera

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Breast implants are powerful ;)

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marcusmoon(485) Clarified
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Breast implants are nowhere near as powerful as the real breasts in their natural state.

Transhumanism does not necessarily mean improvement on natural humans. I think in large part it is people using scientific discovery and capitalist innovation to avoid having to do the work of becoming better as individuals.

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I may die before the work is complete but I'm one of the anointed ;)

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