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Trolls of the World Unite

I don't expect this Debate to remain in place for long, as I will likely delete it after a while. But am I the only one under troll attack? I mean literally long posts of "feces" repeated and sent in multiple private messages.

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Amarel(3619) Banned
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It seems to have really kicked off with that guy who want's the paleo diet and can't speak properly got here. And he has riled up the other nomentrolls.

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AlexJones(78) Clarified
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How did you get banned from your own debate?.............................

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Report them for spam, also don't feed them or they won't ever stop.

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Trolls do eventually destroy sites like this one. Maybe the end is closer than we realized.

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There are good trolls and bad trolls. These new trolls look to be the kind that molest kids, eat pets, don't wipe, and hopefully, if we're lucky, think they can fly...

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No I get it also , it's not very original is it ? .............................

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Well.....he seems to be living up to his name. Wish we'd get a little more policing on this site but I don't know how far it can go before it gets a little too restrictive.

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