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Trump IS the last great hope the right wing has. What'll they do if he's impeached?

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If he's impeached, Mike Pence will become President. And then you'll wind up with Pence for 10-11 years. And if you can somehow get Pence out, then Paul Ryan will be your President for 10-11 years. Sound nice?

It will be the biggest, greatest impeachment ever. Believe me.

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Just an FYI, if someone serves as president for more than 2 years of a term they can only be reelected once. Pence would have to serve less than 10 years.

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They'll impeach Trump at 2 years and one day meaning Pence will be President for 9 years and 364 days.

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I would rather have Trump than Pence. The latter is too partisan.

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Wishful thinking there Bongo, as well as an obvious and clumsy attempt to have your respondents fall into the trap of agreeing that President Trump is ''the last great hope the right wing has'', by simply answering your deviously worded leading question.

Typical Bongo animal cunning but it wasn't quite foxy enough.

The Republican Party will be picking up the pieces of the ''Disastrous Obama Years', for the foreseeable future and shall do so successfully either with the elected President or, if in the most unlikely event of an impeachment, one of a number highly able successors.

The era of the giveaway extravagant budgets of the Democrats has long gone and, much to the horror of the Nation's bloodsucking parasites, of whom you are clearly one, will be a long time before it can once more squander taxpayer's hard earned dosh on over generous handouts to layabout lowlife filth like you.

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Trump isn't where our hope lies. The complete implosion of the left into a mindless cult is where we get our power. We couldn't beat a pragmatic Democrat Party. But we can beat a bat shit crazy one. Cheers.

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