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Yes. That's pretty much what they do.

Unless it's on this website, because then you can add abortion to the diversionary topics.

So bring up a topic, and let's see if I can defend it....

The OP's argument here is basically "Trump is bad". Okay, so give us an example. "Uh.. oh... well... Trump is bad."

Quantumhead(740) Disputed
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So bring up a topic, and let's see if I can defend it....

Defend Trump firing the head of the FBI in the middle of an FBI investigation against him.

Narek(89) Disputed
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But her emails!

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1)Comey decided not to prosecute Clinton priar to the investigation.

2)The Democrats wanted him gone pre-Trump.

excon(5528) Disputed
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Hello bront:

Trump grabs pussy.. If the woman doesn't say anything, that means he had permission.. But, you don't grab pussy and then look for permission.. That's called assault..

What???? You think he ASKED for permission BEFORE he grabbed 'em??? DUDE!


outlaw60(10631) Clarified
2 points

You are 74 years old there CON do you remember Bill and Monica ? What about that cum stain on the Blue Dress does that escape your feeble mind ?

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1)Show us proof of him grabbing without consent.

2)Ask me about Bill Clinton.

3)Tell me with a straight face that you've never used crude language about women.

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All you can say is the voting process worked and the Electoral College did it's job.

Are you in need of a "Crying Towel"

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That meme made me laugh, it'll be pretty interesting to see what some people say.

outlaw60(10631) Clarified
1 point

Jewel have you noticed the "Blame Tour" your Hillary is on now ?

Even CNN is showing her as a joke !