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Trump in a nutshell

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Trump and his supporters claim he is all about winning but 49% of what he actually does is make excuses for why he hasn't quite won yet, and the other 49% is claiming indeed he did win but fake news is the reason you don't know that. That leaves a meager 2% of actual legitimate winning.

outlaw60(14508) Clarified
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Trump won at the ballot box you know that pesky Right to Vote thing you Progressives supported until your candidate lost.

Grenache(6103) Clarified
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That's part of the 2% where he actually wins. ...............

Beastt(43) Disputed
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Except that he didn't win. He lost the popular vote (the democratic method), and then accepted the office anyway, even though it was handed to him by a group of government members (the electorates). He thus demonstrated that he does not hold to democratic principles. Trump is the president of the minority in the U.S., not of the majority. And that turns democracy on its head.

Electing Trump in the first place proves that America is a joke.

He's not like most politicians. He's not an ideologue. He just takes the next step, whatever he thinks that is, to get whatever his goal is done. If you don't comply, he calls you out in public where there's nowhere to hide. It's why McConnel and Flake will probably not be returning to their cushy seats. He is essentially creating a new party.

Quantumhead(733) Disputed
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If you don't comply, he calls you out in public where there's nowhere to hide.

Yeah, he'd be just like Robocop, if Robocop was a pathological liar who sold America out to the Russians.

You are madder than my gran, bronto. You claim Trump "calls people out", but the reality is that some political fact checkers have his record of truthfulness at less than ten percent. That literally makes him a bigger liar than Hitler. It even makes him a bigger liar than you.

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Only thing the Democrats are really complaining about is they lost an election and their whining is a continual process. No more proof needed as you have shown !

Democrat or Republican, both are irrelevant, we should have listened to Ben Franklin on not creating political parties. Both parties will tell you Trump is a nutcase, just on varying levels.