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Trump’s my hero! What a scumbag
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Trump paid $130,000 to a porn star

Trump’s my hero!

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What a scumbag

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Good. Now we can focus on things that affect us like a DOW at 26,000, people getting bonuses, and the African American unemployment rate being the lowest in history.

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Listen to these sanctamonious Liberals judging people for possibe past sexual sins.

I thought Liberals hated people who judged others for sins.

I guess we are finding the true nature of Liberals since Trump became President.

They never cared one bit when Bill Clinton was accused by a number of women of RAPE!


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That's daylight robbery is that fee tax deductible ?................,

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The OP left out the word "allegedly" from the headline intentionally. If you read the article, it hardly makes a case that there is even any truth to the calim. The word "allegedly" is used many times in the piece.

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RawStory is all you got to link ? Why not the Rolling Stone , Daily Beast or the Huff and Puff post ? Better get Mueller on the case of false allegation and get the impeachment process going LMMFAO !

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Condemn Trump. Judge him. (Hiss) Do what you must do. And do it quickly.

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He is already on record as a womanizer. I wonder what fantasy she fulfilled which made it particularly embarrassing? Did she use a strap-on?

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Balrog(11) Disputed
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The story isn't true. It's a propoganda piece.*

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Grenache(5655) Clarified
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Really? Because it sounds like the type of story Trump would invent.

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outlaw60(9081) Disputed
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Boy from Boston is your memory as short as your manhood ? Bill Clinton should ring a bell for you should it not ? There was the Blue Dress , a Cigar and the Oval Orifice in that scenario but let me guess that was made up by Right Wing conspiracy theories as Hillary laid blame.

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