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Trump raises more money than all Democrats combined

The Democrats Raised A Lot Of Money In The First Months Of The 2020 Campaign. President Trump Outraised ALL Of Them.


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Of COURSE he does! All the billionaires know they'll get it back if he wins! What does the REST of America get?? I lost $400 on my income tax this year, made the same as last year! Thanks for the middle class "break"! (Plus gas has gone up, groceries through the roof, drugs (prescription) sky high, but the 2% is making a KILLING! ;-) (That's what the right calls "a great economy" :-( )

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You pathetic liar!

I'm middle class income and we got a $1500 tax cut!

If you have one honest bone in your body, explain how increasing our standard deduction from $12,000 to $24,000 and cutting the income tax rates for everyone in the middle class caused you to lose $400.

Are you living off Social security and pension and IRA's or are you living off Government handouts.

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AlofRI(2825) Clarified
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How can you call me a liar (about my finances), when you know NOTHING about me??

One explanation is the deductions that are no longer allowed. Give with one hand, take with the other. Apparently there is a assistant with two more hands passing out what WE lose to those who actually have it all NOW!

Yes. I am living off SS, Pensions, IRA's and investments. I have NEVER needed a government handout. I was "layed off" twice in my life, and, though many of my fellow workers spent considerable time off, I was called back early. I believe I have collected about 1 1/2 weeks "unemployment insurance". Does that make your "government handout" legit??

Then, after I was forced into retirement (company policy, age 65), I took another job and worked until I was 76. No, I never needed a government handout …. none of YOUR taxes were wasted on ME! That make you feel better, you pathetic person. :-) (By the way … I PAID for my SS by working from age 13, in my grandfathers garage, to age 78). You can't call THAT a "government handout"". How 'bout you?? You on SS yet?? ;-)

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