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 Trump's State of union spoke to record low Black unemployment & Dems refused to applaud! (3)

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Trump's State of union spoke to record low Black unemployment & Dems refused to applaud!

Can you imagine hating our President so much, that when his policies created record numbers of jobs for Black people, Democrats and the Black caucus refused to stand and applaud that great news for Black people.
The truth of Conservative policies and their benefits to all Americans, is making Democrats look like fools when refusing to celebrate good news for our workers.

Democrats have been race bating for decades, telling everyone how much they care for the plight of Black people, etc., and then when Trump actually helped accomplish record low unemployment for Black people along wth Hispanics, women, etc. etc., they sat on their hands and would not even applaud the good news for their main voting block.

THIS IS HOW MUCH THE LEFT HATE'S TRUMP! No matter what he accomplishes, they will hate him!  They hate him for simply being Conservative no matter how much his Conservative politices are working.

This is the dysfunctional intolerance the Left has for Conservatives. They don't care how fast America's economy is growng! They don't care how many families will be helped by this economy! They are Socialists!

They simply do not care about the working man and woman. The Left is not happy when their Government dependent voting base become self sufficient, because Democrats will lose their vote. The working person will no longer want to vote for Democrat's who tax them more.

I listened to the Democrat response to the State of the Union address, and STILL THESE LYING FOOLS ARE SPEWING THE LIE OF HOW THE TAX CUTS ONLY HELP THE RICH! It is truly sick watching these losers continue their lies when the truth is so obvious. They truly look like intolerant hateful obstructionist fools.
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The record was set in motion by the previous administration, as was the entire economic situation of today. They can't take ALL the credit, the entire free world's economy was rising and the U.S. was contributing to it. It's not just Wall Street that's going up and Trump has NOTHING to do with that. He could have played golf for the whole time and it would have gone up! Not as fast, because he gave the big investors a windfall with which to BUY BACK a lot of their stock, making it more valuable. Right place at the right time!

You'll notice the BLACK Dems refused to applaud ... because HE was taking credit for the things that were done BEFORE .... when the Stock Market hit record highs AFTER the mess our last Republican President (and his deregulation) put U.S. in! Oh, by the way, the auto factories were in the works BEFORE he even RAN, Chrysler is NOT bringing a factory back from Mexico ... just shifting a few manufacturing operations! The factory STAYS in Mexico! 80+ minutes of LIES, LIES, LIES and the flock eats it up, wag their tails, while Putin the wolf LsOL! STUPID!

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What does it tell you when a Party refuses to celebrate good news for the working man? It tells me they only care for one group of Americans..... the ones who vote for them.


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It's amazing how both parties will taker credit for the other parties work.