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Trump can do no wrong Kim was gonna negotiate anyway
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Trump threatens to annihilate N. Korea, and Kim comes to the table. Connected??

Trump can do no wrong

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Kim was gonna negotiate anyway

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We should have dealt with NK years ago using white propaganda counter intelligence to encourage the people to overthrow their government, assassinating their leaders and bombing all their military bases.

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cruzaders(341) Disputed
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I dont think that that kind of propaganda would work on a population that is scared of their leader, and has been indoctrinated for generations; and how would you spread the propagada in the country?

I think the way to do it should be to murder Kim, maybe sneak a sniper in the country? Next to impossible I aggree but its the only way that could potentially work

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Not at all. Unless you want to be delusive about America being a super that used it's Golden Goliath bully to drag NK to the negotiation table.

If Kim was that afraid , he would have been on the table far back in early 2017.

Kim was hoping to get right where he is now for his nuclear missile ambitions before he headed on to negotiate.

America cannot annihilate NK today as easy as the goliath says it.

It takes over 30mins usually before a missile reaches NK.

NK could retaliate on all American allies and American mainland before they go to dust.

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You say a missile can reach NK in 30 minutes, but what if it was fired from space?

I dont know if you have heard of a space of the "secret" launch of a "satellite", heres a link if you are interested:

Just a wild thought but do you think it coul potentially be nuclear weapons? (violating space regulation)

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jeffreyone(1349) Clarified
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Just a wild thought but do you think it coul potentially be nuclear weapons? (violating space regulation)

Who knows, America could always be cheating.

But for your information, after NK tested their most powerful land nuke yet, they proceeded to enhance their warships and currently (as at december last year) focused on building some kinda space satellite to help them monitor things better so nothing comes as a surprise.It does not violate any international laws this time .

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We would not be able to use a nuke. As a nuke would have effects on are ally South Korea and are (can't make up are mind ally) China. and a few other countries would be effected as well.

I believe the go to weapon would be hell fire missiles and tomahawks. Plus we have ships right now not even 300 miles away from NK that could launch right now. And NK would be gone by 5 today. We have so much fire power and crap right now off their shores that it is not even funny. And if I had to take a guess Trump has already put in the order as NK is a world wide threat right now, that Trump has already armed a few ships with nukes. All of our ships have the capability besides the aircraft carriers to launch nukes. The aircraft carriers can mount nukes to the F 16 though as a drop missile not a launched missile. Which I doubt we will use those type of nukes as NK is going to attempt and probably actually hit the F 16.

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cruzaders(341) Clarified
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Yeah sure the US could beat them very quickly but the problem remains: NK will still have time to fire their nuke(s). Thats what sucks about nuclear weapons, its a losers weapon

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jeffreyone(1349) Clarified
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Look how stupidly you describe it like some superhero and villain comic series. If America attacks north korea you from the south you think their hands are tied? Do you know NK sometime ago destroyed a south korean ship for crossing into their sea territory and no one survived ? North Korea has been strengthening their battle sheep's also capable of hosting heavy nukes? And to talk about allies it is against the political interests of russia and china that kim's regime is destroyed and making Nk and SK unite which will permit america's strong presence within their region or very close to their borders as North K shares with Russ and China. America can influence more unfavorable policies in Asia. China is ready to defend NK if America fires first but will sit back and do nothing if Nk fires first , they will not help america destroy NK as it will soon a have very terrible adverse effect on their power. They are only massaging U.N sanctions. They prefer Kim over south. Japan, South K, Thailand and Taiwan loosening up to America already sickens them, oh not NK, enough of America in Asia. Russia will not have American ships on their border , oh no. That is why they still don't want to cut trade with Nk. They want to help them to be strong. If there is a war out break they won't stay out of it and it's obvious Russia will never fight side to side with America.

It's not that easy to nuke north korea.

Estimate if NK's borders are trespassed to denuclearize them is 2million dead south korean and American soldiers and 7.1million injuries. That is without china and russia getting involved yet on the side of North korea.

Please awake from your delusion.

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