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Vegetarian or Meat Eater?

What is your stance on vegetarianism? Should people switch?


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Meat Eater

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"Vegetarianism is environmentally friendly, puts animals first, can feed more people, saves water, improves health, and saves money. Here are some reasons to go vegetarian...

By eating vegetarian, you save animals. As Bruce from Finding Nemo once said, "Fish are friends, not food," Vegetarians save animals from cruel fates and unnecessary harm. Chickens have their break sliced off with a burning metal blade. Male pigs and cows have their "parts" taken out without pain relief. They will not ever do anything that is natural to them, or even get a breath of fresh air until the day they are sentenced to slaughter. These animals are living in an area so small that chickens are given less room to live in than an iPad. And they are living in their own feces. This effects the meat your eating."

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I'm a meat eater I was vegetarian many years ago and was always unhealthy whilst I was one ; we are hard wired to eat meat it goes back generations to the birth of man and even our teeth are designed for meat eating .

Animals suffer for our meat , yes maybe they do but the environment suffers for vegetarians as pesticides destroy insects worms , and various other living organisms so vegaterians can also indulge themselves .

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Personally, I enjoy a nice steak or some form of food with meat in it. I don't care if someone is a vegetarian, they can eat what they want but the only time I do care is when that person tries to shame me for the foods I eat.

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